It’s a Terrific Tuesday Swingin into a Wonderful Wednesday! A Swing On In Newsletter!

Hey Swing Kids, its a quick one tonight because I’m so excited tot be watching a new whacky mini series I’ve fallen in love with the trailer!  What is it?  The Pursuit of Love..  See trailer here:  https://youtu.be/PHPPfLSCLs8?si=x_9bzkwZD2Nwd7B0  — I just love the sound track.. Shut Up and Shoo Be Doo!  🙂

What’s in this newsletter:

1..NO CLASSES this THURSDAY at Mullum as it is ANZAC DAY

2. Our 2nd All Vinyl Swingin Soiree

3.  St Louis shag!!  A workshop with Swing Patrol with Chrissy & Ray

This Thursday Night for our Mullumbimby Class falls on Anzac Day so the club is closed and there will be no class.  We encourage you to car pool and come and visit us o the Gold Coast for a class and meet some new dancers!

We all know someone who served in the forces for our great nation and I’m sure most of you are touched and pay huge respects to the fallen each and every Anzac Day.  This is my Dad (and me!)  he served 2 tours of Vietnam, he was a lover, not a fighter and I can’t imagine how he navigated being in charge of a platoon that what all but wiped out in an ambush in a war that he should not have been in but he sacrificed without question for his country.  This sacrifice eventually tk his life so every anzac Day I do pay respects and remember. Lest we Forget!

2. Our 2nd All Vinyl Swingin Soiree

The First Gold Coast All Vintage Vinyl Swingin Soiree was a hit and we hope that those that did not get along to enjoy the night get to come to this one!

Picture yourself decked out in your swankiest threads, sipping on craft cocktails, and grooving to the rhythm all night long. And guess what? No cover charge, but hey…let’s spread some love and support the bar tip the DJ who keeps the vinyl tunes flowing.

MULLUM… Want to come??  Tony (and Dani) from classes has a Bus licence and is happy to organise a minibus carpool up and back..  Keen?  Lets put you in touch with him to arrange!  

FREE Swing dance Taster Class as an added bonus for you at 6.30pm before the night starts begins.

DATE: Saturday 27 April, 2024


VENUE:Ground n Sound, 23 Musgrave Ave Chirn Park (Cocktails and Tapas)

ENTRY:  By Donation (TIP THE DJ)

Future Dates:
Saturday 25 May
Saturday 22 June

3.  St Louis shag!!  A workshop with Swing Patrol with Chrissy & Ray

Our pals at Swing Patrol Brisbane are running a series of Workshops throughout 2024 and they have asked us to come and teach the ST LOUIS SHAG!  It’s one of our favorite dances but have not taught it on the GC for ages so here is your chance to learn something new and bust out ont he social dance floor!  LINK TO DETAILS AND HOW TO BOOK HERE

What is it:

The St Louis Shag is another great partnered swing dance, derived from the Charleston. The style originates in Missouri USA, where the southern tradition of jump music and boogie-woogie music was prevalent and popular.
The St Louis Shag is commonly danced to music with a fast tempo, making this style a good choice for a social and party atmosphere.

Date: SATURDAY 4 MAY 2024 – 10.15 – 1.15PM


We look forward to seeing your beautiful faces and energetic souls on Wednesday!

I’ll leave with you a heartwarming step back into the history of what we do.. Lindy Hop..  Enjoy!  Let’s appreciate our Forebears!  we can’t do it alone… This made me feel all the feels!  Watch and enjoy!

Chrissy& Ray x

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