St Louis Shag

Swing On In Dance School Does the St Louis Shag

The St Louis Shag is another great partner swing dance that is derived from the Charleston dance. This origin of this style of dance comes from Missouri in USA, where the southern tradition of jump music and boogie-woogie music was prevalent and popular.


The St Louis Shag is commonly danced to music with a fast tempo making this style a good choice for a social and party atmosphere. Although it is an energetic dance style the dancer does not actually appear to move around a lot, keeping in their legs within a small area throughout the dance.

Learn the St Louis Shag at our Dance School on the Gold Coast?

The St Louis Shag, which is also known as the ‘Speed Shag’ is not seen too frequently amongst swing dancers nowadays but we’re happy to teach you the steps for this fun and fast swing dance.
Our regular dance school nights are perfect for all levels of swing dance enthusiasts, from beginners to advanced dancers. We have two sessions on each night to cater for beginners and intermediate and advanced dancers as well as social dancing and practice classes.

Our swing dance school is located on the Gold Coast and Mullumbimby (Northern NSW). Call us for bookings or enquiries and learn a fun classic dance style that is also a great way to get some exercise and meet friendly new people.

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or contact us using the form below to book. All ages and experience levels are welcome.

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