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The Shim Sham began as a type of tap dance that was easy enough for beginners to master. The Shim Sham began in Harlem, New York where it was also given its name after originally being referred to as the ‘Goofus’.

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The dance was usually performed at the end of a performance where all the singers, dancers and performers could get together on stage and perform a closing dance routine together. This history of the Shim Sham is one of inclusion and celebration and is now popular all over the world with swing dancers.

The Shim Sham is made up of just 10 short phrases of choreography which makes it easy and fun for beginners. Swing music is undergoing a modern revival with popular artists like Robbie Williams releasing new versions of classic swing style music.

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Originating in the late 1920’s and becoming popularized in the 1930’s and endures to this day as a popular form of swing dance. The modern-day Shim Sham is more like a line dance style in a swing style. It is a dance that is performed as a group making it perfect for social dancing.

Dancing is a great way to get a workout while having a fun. Swing On In is a swing dance school that offers dance classes three nights a week in and around the Gold Coast area. Our classes are ideal for all ages and levels. Call us for information about our classes and venues call. All new and existing dancers are welcome!

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