Laura Calo Woolcott,

Swing On In’s Chrissy Keepence and Ray are two cool cats. Their vivacious personalities and enthusiasm really motivate students at all levels. From beginner to advanced, they treat each dancer with respect and understanding so they get the moves and musicality behind the steps. Each class builds on the one before and if you miss a step or get lost, they are sure to give you special attention and explain things in ways that suits you.

For those who have been attending for a while, they give little tricks and tips for what you can do to build your skills and fine tune your dancing. They are the kind of tips that can only come from people who love what they do and live what they teach. Chrissy and Ray are not just there to run a dance business. They build community, have fun, joke, laugh at themselves and with others and really just help you fall in love with the steps and the moves. They encourage you to do more than you even think you can. Its about being a part of the era, the time where it really didn’t mean a think if you didn’t have that swing!

When my husband and I first started…Nick didn’t think he could do it. Even last night in the advanced class, he was struggling.
As we were walking to the car, Ray told Nick… don’t let your mind tell your body that you are defeated before you even get started. Your body can walk, move and dance. You have it within you so don’t psych yourself out to the point where you get overwhelmed and frustrated.

This is a great lesson for dancing, but also life too.

These are the little special moments that we share with our instructors (turned friends) that really make the classes fun and the moments special.

And although we do attend the intermediate and advanced classes, we are no where close to being strong advanced dancers. But they treat us like we are rock starts….but hey, we are doing pretty good for only having started a few months ago.

Also: as for the community, what a group. So fun so encouraging … we support each other, we laugh together and we even have fun outside of class together.



Kate McDonald – Bleach Festival Director,

The Swing on In Dancers have been involved in multiple Bleach Festival’s events including the larg-escale production, The Inaugural Annual Dance Affair. They were an absolute hit. We love their energy, style and skill. They are super professional, incredible to deal with and are a talented, generous bunch of dancers that are a delight to work with.

Kate McDonald – Associate Director
[email protected]
M 0402 071 984
P 07 5525 6468


Madonna Williams – Willams Talent Management,

Working with Ray is a dream come true for organisers booking DJs or looking for entertainment 20’s – 80’s. He’s professional, reliable, fun to work with and delivers a brilliant, seamless DJ service. Ray themes himself and the music to provide a unique experience. Audiences LOVE Ray and are natural drawn in to his passion and enthusiasm. Ray’s music selections has everyone moving and buzzing! Swing-A-Billy Ray is original, a hoot and hands down an awesome DJ! It’s an absolute pleasure to work with true professionals like Ray.

Madonna Williams M: +61 403 643 601


We have had the greatest time learning our Wedding Dance with you Two,

We have had the greatest time learning to dance with you two. It’s such a fun thing to do together, kind of our special time together each week which has been so lovely. It’s such a bouncy fun style of dance too but I think it really is the energy and fun that you and Ray put into it that really brings us back and got us into it in the first place! So THANK YOU!

We have still been practising post wedding and want to keep learning more and more!


Rozzie & Luke


Tahlia Shontelle,

So much fun and filled with amazing friendly people!


Bruce Atkinson,

I have been dancing for 16 years both modern jive.rock n roll and swing and in my opinion Swing is the most social and energised of them all just one big family all passionate about Swing. Chrissy and Ray are the king and queen of course, of Swing, great teachers. Love you guys


Sue Watson,

The most friendly and welcoming dance group on the Gold Coast


Janelle Mason,

Just dropped in to Tuesday night Swing On In class and absolutely loved it! Fantastic teachers, fantastic dancers! See you next week.


Nicola Matt Jones,

Fantastic ppl fantastic teachers and a whole lotta fun


Francesca Esposito,

How lucky are we to have Chrissy & Ray Keepence teach us Swing Dancing right here in Bangalow…. Taught directly by Frankie Manning himself the grandfather of Swing Dancing, this is world class teaching at its best.

I love these classes, the community feel of the group. the energy that Chrissy & Ray bring each week, the music, the steps, the connection in the dancing, the new friendships I have found…. Absolutely brilliant. WOW.

Thanks Chrissy & Ray, keep shining your light, it’s getting through


Rhydian Lewis,

Ray and Chrissy are both truly gifted in their abilities to teach swing to any age group. There love of this genre is infectious and they keep classes exciting and they are so keen in helping their students grow and advance. Ray’s jokes are even getting better. The whole swing on in experience adds a very special ingredient to my week. I really miss my fix when I miss a class. A great venue and an even more amazing floor. Great space to dance in at the famous Bangalow Bowlo. Give it a go.


Tina-Louise King,

I can’t thank the teachers Ray, Chrissy enough for bringing Swing Dancing into my life. They are wonderful teachers and it has become “my happy place” every week. I’ve also made some great friends too! xx


Michael Janda,

Loads of fun, Ray and Chrissie are awesome teachers who always take the time to make sure everyone learns at their own pace.
I never would have thought I’d enjoy a dance class, but now my girl & I are there most weeks!


Danielle Read,

Swing dancing has opened my eyes to a whole new love that I didn’t know existed! Ray and Chrissy’s expert feedback and patient teaching style makes every class rewarding, exciting and a whole bunch of fun!


Jack Green,

I started going to swing on in 9 months ago and I plan to keep going it’s lots of fun


Danielle Cherrier,

I never learnt to dance before I joined Swing on in. I totally enjoy the experience, great teachers, Ray and Chrissy, great atmosphere, very friendly, lots of fun


David Tranter,

We always have a great time at Swing On In dance classes. There’s always lots of great dance moves to learn and heaps of friendly people to dance with.


Roy Bunyan,

This time round we’ll be taking our lindy hop to the dance floor replacing the comfortably familiar RnR


Bonnie Rose,

I have always wanted to Swing Dance & Ray was such an awesome teacher. Everyone at the classes are so friendly & welcoming!


Simone DeYong,

Swing On In is awesome!
Chrissy and Ray are excellent teachers and superb dancers, no matter what dance level you are at they are very welcoming.  Highly recommended!


Krystal Lea Turner,

As soon as I get to Queensland I will be there for sure!
Chrissy and Ray are not only incredible people with hearts of hold they are also incredibly talented dancers.
If you want to learn swing dancing this is the place to be xxx


Hannah Tysoe,

Ray & Chrissy are both as amazing dancers and people. They are so passionate about everything they do. I’m absolutely mesmerised every time I watch them dance. They at an inspiration to all lovers of vintage dance and style.


Suzanne Reid,

Wonderful, talented teachers and both with a beautiful personality to match!


Stuart Manahan,

Started Lindy Hop with Chrissy and Ray many years ago and they gave me the foundation on which to build my Swing dancing. Lindy Hop has taken me all over the world and if it wasn’t for their classes I wouldn’t have gotten very far.


Sharon Buckley,

Awesome peeps and great Lindy hop dancing for all ages!!!


Amos Blacker,

Ray and Chrissy are excellent teachers and make it a fun experience.
Lindy Hop is in my opinion a life skill.
Improvised social dancing is where it’s at for me and we have a legacy of recoded music Boogie R&B Jazz to dance too as well as many live modern bands. There are camps and clubs circumnavigating the planet and in every city and town.


Denny Neave,

With out a doubt the best dance group in Australia!!


Bryan Bates,

Do yourself a favour and learn about this stylish and spirited style of partner dancing with the best teachers I could imagine. I love Chrissy and Ray’s energy and humour and they really help you feel included as a part of a group. Fantastic experience!


Amanda Jane,

Love going to class each week with Chrissy and Ray. Such fun, great exercise and you get to meet some wonderful people.


Harry Deluxe,

Fabulous dancers, amazing (and most patient) teachers ;-p, incredible people! Wish they were able to get to Perth more often


Pic Sta,

Great teachers and great fun. Highly recommended!


Charlotte Elizabeth Georgia,

Excellent classes, it’s amazing what you can learn in one or two lessons, even with two left feet! Very welcoming and warm and as fun as you make it.


Madeleine Mayhem,

Ray & Chrissy are both amazing dancers and absolutely delightful people. They are so passionate about everything they do, and open their hearts to assisting others in so many ways.. I continuously find myself mesmerised every time I watch them dance. They are a true inspiration to all whether you be a dancer or not put ‘Swing On In’ on your buckets list and go have some fun!!


Geoff Lewis,

Expert helpful instruction, loads of fun, beautiful people, great exercise – what’s not to love! And thanks for the inspiring clips from the original swing era.


Jonathan Adnitt,

Fantastic……..Chrissie and Roy are the Best! Always happy, always patient, a lovely friendly atmosphere and a pleasure to look forward to every week……..Betty


Kerry McDonald Baunach,

On Wednesday night at Bangalow Swing on In, I have a great time, smile all night, laugh at Ray’s jokes and learn to dance at the same time. Our teachers Chrissy and Ray are very professional, they both look amazing in their swing clothes and enjoy the class as much as the students.


Kelsey Walker,

I was hooked after my first lesson! Amazing people and an amazing atmosphere!
Ray and Chrissy are fantastic teachers.
Something about swing really invigorates the soul. I guarantee that if you visit swing on in you’ll leave with a smile and feel great! And you’ll be hooked on swing!


Tony Wadeson, Liaison Officer for the Kirra SLSC. – 100 Year Beach Celebrations 2016.

“We had the pleasure of working with Ray Keepence last year when he did a gig for our Surf Life Saving Club. Ray acted as a DJ and provided Music, to the public on Kirra Beach on 3 occasions, building up to our Clubs 100th Birthday. The Public, were a very mixed age group, and thoroughly enjoyed it, commenting on his professionalism and great selection of music.

Ray provided his own equipment and set it all up himself, we supplied power. Ray was very easy to deal with, offering professional advise to our ignorance and agreeing to adhere to concerns we raised in relation to safety and noise. I would welcome Ray back anytime and would recommend him to any group.


Kobi Facto, Marketing & Events Manager, QT Gold Coast

QT Gold Coast have been working with Swing-A- Billy Ray Dj Entertainer Services for over 3 years. Ray and his team consistently provide slick, professional entertainment for both our corporate clients and social events. Specializing in retro, swing entertainment, Ray has also provided mainstream entertainment solutions for our clients as needed. Highly recommend!


Mrs Jenny Murtagh, Ashmore,

Ray Keepance has been my go to music man for 15years. He has provided music for all different occasions for us from birthdays, weddings, funerals, yes funerals. He has the genre of music that suits every occasion as well as any selected fan favourite. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ray for any function. He is reliable, professional and understanding of his clients needs.


The Loefflers, (Chicago Band “Chenille”)

While he may go by the name Swing-a- billy Ray, he is no one trick pony. We have known ray for the past 17 years. Ray began working for us as a DJ for a 50 th  birthday. Since then he has provided music and played event MC for a host of events from a wedding, multiple birthday parties (honestly too many to count) and even an upbeat funeral/wake that had people on the dance floor till the wee hours. Ray knows how to read a crowd so there will never be ‘crickets’ at your event with Ray at the mic. Ray knows what party hosts want, he knows how to command a crowd for speeches and has has never done us wrong yet. If I allowed you hire anybody else for ANY event for ANY occasion I would be doing you a disservice, Why would anybody want their party to come in 2 nd best. . . . There is no contest for me, its Swing-a- billy Ray, ALL THE WAY!!!

Swing On In