WWII Blitz Party is Upon Us.. What to wear??

Run for cover! The Blitz Party is nearly here!

BUT… What do I wear?? This SOLD OUT event will be one to remember and getting your outfit sorted is definitely part of the fun..  

Taking place in The Vaults of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse which has been transformed to create an air-raid shelter feel, a cavernous den that contains more alcoholic provisions and Blitz spirit than Churchill’s bunker, this night will recreate the wartime glamour of 1940s wartime. Victory curled ladies and uniformed soldiers can expect a night of live music, classic cocktails and 40s-style revelry.

Live band “Morse Code” will perform a repertoire of 40s classics and modern favourites remixed to resemble the style of the era, the perfect soundtrack for land girls and the home guard to cut a rug on the dance floor.

OK, so I want to give you the inside skinny on what generally would have been worn to an air raid shelter…, not that I was there mind you but watch enough movies, read enough books and live and breath the era of the early 1940’s you do learn a lot.  Here are my 5 tips on how to find that perfect outfit:


  1. It’s gonna be HOT..  Sooo, whatever costume you think of then make sure it is breathable, comfortable and dance practical..
  2. Research London Blitz Air Raid Shelter – Australian Fashion WWII  1940-1942 – Pinterest Images are great Search Air Raid Shelter WWII blitz fashion
  3. Imagine some of these scenarios and let you imagination run wild:  you are at one sleeping and the air raid siren screams out, what are you wearing?
  • Maybe you are in your PJ’s? Smoking Jacket just about to retire?
  • Maybe you are an Air Raid Warden getting ready for the night shift?
  • Maybe you have just returned from a dance and still have your dancing clobber on?
  • Maybe you are service personnel (Army, Airforce, Navy, WAAF, AWLA, Red Cross etc)
  • Maybe you are the homemaker still in your apron after dinner and cleaning up?
  • Maybe you are Rosie the Riveter and just home from a day at the munitions factory?
  • Maybe you have just returned home from a Gala Red Carpet evening wearing a stunning floor length 1940’s gown?

Where to look?

Army Disposal/Camping Store

Camp Hill Antique Centre

Op Shops

Costume Hire

Make Something

Get crafty and make an arm band and a Tin Hat

Research Australian War Effort pictures and see what homeland services where wearing (Australian Womens Land Army for instance wore Khaki dungarees a top and Do Rag with hardy Boots and red lippy!)


Some images to spark your imagination:

Air Raid Warden

Land Girl

Home Maker

Rosie the Riveter Munitions Factory Worker

1940’s dancing couple

Hollywood Glam

Red Cross Nurse

Some Extras for the Men:

5 Fashion Must Haves for the 1940’s look:

When watching motion pictures from the 1930s and 1940s, it always appeared that everyone, whether it was the starring cast or extras, were always well-dressed. The women were regularly wearing dresses or skirts, while the men were usually sporting suits. All of this at home, too!

James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant and Edward G. Robinson were just some of the actors that defined this generation. In nearly every film, they were always dressed very well. However, for the fashion of this forgotten time, it was the little things that contributed to the wardrobe. These nuances accentuated the style of these men’s wardrobes.

No 1:  The Fedora Hat (Hats by the 100’s should see you right or Op shops)

Ah, fedora hats. The trademark of anyone living from the 1920s to the 1960s. Usually, when we think of fedora hats, we tend to think of the prohibition era bootleggers or the gangsters from the old 1940s gangster Warner Bros. pictures. If you ever want to dress like you’re from this era then you definitely need fedora hats.

No 2:  Button Up Braces – Suspenders  (MYER and DJ’s or high end mens stores still carry these or convert your own)

In most cases, men don’t need to wear suspenders when they have belts. However, suspenders were really big back in the day. As they pontificated on any given topic while pacing around the room, they’d have their thumbs in their suspenders (the same goes with vests).

No 3:  Saddles Shoes, Spats and Oxfords – Arkive Vintage – Call them first

Black and white saddle shoes were first introduced in the American fashion scene in the 1920s. It didn’t become ubiquitous until the late 1930s and last until about the late 1950s. Again, they were stylised by the fashion of Al Capone, John Dillinger and other famous gangsters from this era.  Also, if you don’t want to spend money on these two toned shoes, you could always purchase a pair of spats and portray yourself as a modern day George Raft.

No 4:  Pocket Watches & Pocket Squares

With smartphones, smart watches and plain old analog wrist watches, we really don’t need pocket watches. At the same time, it’s a throwback to see pocket watches in store windows, mostly pawn shops or antique/collectible stores. If there is one accessory that you have to own for your 1940s-style wardrobe then it’s definitely a pocket watch.  Also the pocket square kerchief in the breast pocket is a nice touch.

No 5:  Nice Suit, Tie and crisp shirt, cufflinks and Tie Bar.. Suits were generally high waisted pants, wide legged with a cuff.  Tailored longer jacket with single breasted 2-3 buttons. Waist Coat optional depending on weather.  Ties were shorter than todays ties, slightly wider and was a statement piece.


See you all on Saturday.




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