Advice by Alice Mei

  1. Keep timing. Make sure your feet are under yourself at all times, that helps
  2. Connect your center to your hands. When you move back or forward your lead should feel it trough your hands. ”If you don’t do this it becomes hard to dance together. When you have the weight of your butt in your hand you don’t have to look so closely, you feel what happens before you even look.
  3. Listen to the music, draw inspiration from it and create rhythms.
  4. Don’t try to help the lead to make a move happen. Try not to care so much what he is doing. Just listen! Maybe he’s going to do something that you don’t know. If you have pre-ideas, you’ll miss the magic.
  5. Relax your lead! ”I always listen carefully to my lead, trying to tune in and create trust to start with. I listen to the music and put in stuff I feel like, but only moves that are not going to be in the leads face. I think when I keep this in mind it usually is a better dance.
  6. Combine your urge to move with the information you get from the lead, and with the rhythms of the music – within your body. Then dance.
  7. Let him lead. If you are too eager to move you most likely will fail following.

Check out Alice’s experts following skills here not knowing exactly what Kevin St Laurent is up to!  Brilliant.