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  • International French Dance Champion – Florinne Besse will be guest teaching Boogie Woogie for 2 months
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  • Public Displays, Troupe and Demos – Why are they important?
  • For the Boys:  23-ways-a-lindy-hop-lead-can-up-their-style-game
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Welcome to all our new and old swing dance students & friends.  What a bumper start to Classes this year and it was so wonderful to have those dance floors full and the rooms filled with laughter!

TUESDAYS – Mermaid Beach Bowls Club (Starting 29th January)
WEDNESDAYS – Bangalow Bowlo
THURSDAYS – International French Champion teaching Boogie Woogie Class – Venue TBA – More detail below


SUNDAY 3RD FEBRUARY:   Sunday Swing Sesh – Gold Coast
FRIDAY 8TH OF FEBRUARY:  Bangalow Dance Party –
FRIDAY 15TH OF FEBRUARY: – Sanctuary Markets  – Dance – Currumbin
SUNDAY 3 MARCH – Sunday Swing Sesh – Kingscliff
SATURDAY 9TH OF MARCH:  – The WWII Blitz Party – Details Below
The Health Benefits of Swing Dancing
Friday 15 February:  Swing dancing at Sanctuary Markets – FREE – With DJ Swing A Billy Ray
Join us as we take the most perfect dance floor amongst the community of people partaking in the fun, the food, the wine and the ambience of the Currumbin Sanctuary Markets. Enveloped in the serenity of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, These markets are so very popular, packed and fun ! Full of delight..
Join Swing On In as we take the floor for nearly 2 hours of social dancing, delighting, entertaining and indulging in the dance we love the most, The Lindy Hop, to the greatest of Swing Tunes! Every Dancer welcome.. Lets Take the Floor Together and entertain and show the guests how to dance, laugh, play and have fun with Swing Dancing!
6pm to 7.30pm:* Lovely Dance Floor
* Licensed Venue
* Food & Bev Available
* Family Friendly

Usually 3RD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH – BUT February will be FRIDAY 8TH OF FEBRUARY :  The Bangalow Dance Party with Swing on In and Sebastiaan..
EVERYONE WELCOME…  Ready to burn some holes into those soles with your swivels, swingouts and style? Join us for our monthly social dance on the best dance floor in NSW.  Great friends, community spirit, AWESOME music and great dancing.

7PM til late.. FREE..

**NEW** – 1st SUNDAY of the Month now will be our Sunday Swing Sessions popping up at different places.
First one is Sunday 3rd of February:
Join us for Lazy Sundayzzz swing dancing at different cool locations to cruisy swing tunes as played by our favourite DJ’s.
FEBRUARY Venue:  Mermaid Beach Bowls Club – Barefoot Bowls, Beers & Beats, 2 DJ’s and dance floor to dance your afternoon away..  Kids Welcome

Dance, Chill, Eat, Drink, Repeat!

$10pp includes Barefoot Bowls

Saturday 9th of March:  Run for cover! The Swing On In Blitz Party is at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse!

* Live music by the Swing Band MORSE CODE! plus two guest DJ’s
* Strictly Limited Tickets – First In will be saved!
* Bomber Cocktails and Alcohol Coupons on Sale
* Spam and other goodies on sale to re-stock your ration packs * Dress Code: 1940s glam, home front utility clothing and allied uniforms all welcome.
(Whilst we appreciate the need to “make do and mend” The SOI WWII Blitz Party operates a strict 1940s dress code. Denim may be acceptable in the munitions hall and trainers do squeak nicely in the gymnasium, but that is where they should remain.)
So…. channel your inner victory curled good time girl or a moustachioed RAF hero… Don’t forget your Ration Bag, Gas Mask and Helmet and please do bring your good times self and pack all those troubles in your old kit bag for a few hours and dance, eat, drink, play, watch news reels and immerse yourself…
There will be lots of surprises, thrills and air raids to keep you on your toes!
** Upon booking, you will be given a “PASSWORD” in which you will have to research how to say said word using Morse Code for your entry i.e.: “RUN” is .-. ..- -. and so on…
You will entry via the Fire Escape Door, give your code to the Red Cross Nurse On Duty and enter the Bunker…
There is limited space in the Bunker so tickets are limited to 60 pax.. First in will be saved!
Brought to you by Swing On In. Please call us if you have any questions: Mob: 0408306560 or email: [email protected]
www.swingonon.com.au | Tickets at www.mosdesertclubhouse.com

WELCOME to Boogie Woogie with France’s Reigning Champion – Miss Florine Besse:

Classes Commencing in February and will run for 2 months on a Thursday – Venue TBA

Who is she?


My name is Florine Besse and I’m 19. I started dancing Boogie Woogie at 5 in France.

In 2015, I decided to compete with my partner. We became member of the French team in 2015. In 2016, we became champion of France and we finished 7th at the world championship.
I’m still competing at an international level and I’m also a dance teacher in France.
What is Boogie Woogie?
Dance:  (Taken from Herring Dance Camp)

The dance form was originally inspired by American Rock ‘n’ Roll/Lindy Hop dancing of the 1950s, but gradually developed its own European style and personality. Boogie Woogie is a playful and improvised couple dance, often in medium or slightly fast tempi, with a significant footwork based on musical interpretation. Boogie Woogie of today functions as a social dance, but is sometimes recognized even more as an established competition dance. In Herräng, the social side of the dance will be emphasized and in focus..

Music:  Boogiewoogie is a musical genre that became popular during the late 1920s, developed in African-American communities in the 1870s. It was eventually extended from piano, to piano duo and trio, guitar, big band, country and western music, and gospel. … And when I tell you to get it, I want you to Boogie Woogie!

Have a Look at her in Action here:



Around the World:    Swing Dance Camps and Festival worth looking in to:  – http://www.swinghopping.com/events/

THE MECCA:  Herrang Dance Camp – 29 June to 3 August 2019 – Sweden

All the Cats Join In – A Balboa and Shag Affair – Melbourne – 8-11 March 2019

Swing In to Fringe with the Decavita Sisters – Adelaide – 1-3 March 2019


  • Public Displays, Troupe and Demos – Why are they important?

From time to time we get asked to attend events, activate spaces, showcase social dancing or perform for corporate gigs and festivals.  Some are paid gig but the majority are free entertainment.  When we call out for dancers it’s usually because there is an opportunity to showcase the dance we love so much and to also increase awareness around the benefits and joy of partner dancing, namely Lindy Hop and the Swing Umbrella derivations.  It’s a time to shine, showcase, step up and step outside of your comfort zone. It does improve your dancing as it forces you to have a heightened awareness to your dance (Wanting to dance your best in public).  This also, (of course) grows the swing dance community and our Swing On In Family.  It’s a win win, so… if you haven’t put your hand up before now when I’ve called out for dancers, why not make 2019 your year to shine.  As ever, Ray and I are completely thankful and feel blessed for your support.  Dance Troupe, well this is a whole extra level of commitment I need from you…  Just like our Game On Commonwealth Games Troupe, the new dance troupes I am forming require commitment in the learning and that means extra training and travel but its worth it.  You get pushed, you push yourself, you fast track to being a better Lindy Hopper.  Talk to me if you want to make this committment.

  • For the Boys:  23-ways-a-lindy-hop-lead-can-up-their-style-game

“Dressing well is form of good manners.” – Tom Ford

FYI.. One of my favourite all time Dapper Gents is the infallible DANDY WELLINGTON – Check out his style HERE.. not for everyone but this Chap defines Dandy.

One wonderful thing about being a swing dancer is that often times when you get infected with the dance bug you often also find yourself wanting to invest a little more in your style. Shine your shoes and slick your hair, so goes the song by Fats Waller. You want to look the part. Dressing nice is one more piece in the puzzle of how to bridge the gap between old photographs and video footage — and yourself. Dancing and fashion — they really do go hand in hand. Vintage clothes are wonderful, but you can also find ways to accent your style with modern, but classic fare as well.

Teaching, going to dances, pictures of yourself on Facebook… all good times to look your best. If you’re reading this, perhaps you’re interested in dressing a little better. If nothing else, looking a little more dapper in all those years of pictures is going to pay dividends for a long time to come.

It might start with a new shirt, or a new tie, or dusting off an old suit that you saved exclusively for weddings and funerals (most likely from your pre-dance years). Once you put a little more effort into your look, all of the sudden more people ask you to dance. You seem somehow more trustworthy. People notice. Your confidence level goes up. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle that fuels your dancing.

Now, some of these tips below might be old news to you, but they took me a little while to gather and put to use for myself. Enjoy!

Full story here:  23-ways-a-lindy-hop-lead-can-up-their-style-game


Interesting Reads:

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Til next time,

Chrissy & Ray and the Swing On In Team xx


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