Virtuals, One on One Privates and moving on from Ground Hog Day

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Hello Swing On In-Ers!  Welcome to another Virtual Week!  Does it feel like Ground Hog Day Yet?  It does for us..  We get Up, we get busy working on the studio, selling vintage and peddling wares we no longer need then we clean, mind kids, drink wine and go to bed!  Ding, the alarm goes and here we are again..  So happy to see small baby steps in changes creeping back to a a version of normality, we hop you are all faring OK.    ZOOM Class links below and we will of course try to successfully live stream as well for your purveying pleasure!  
Here’s whats happening this week in classes.
As ever, classes remain free but if you feel like donating fee for class then you can do so via Paypal: [email protected] or EFT to  Account Name:  Gold Coast Swing Dancing
BSB:  034 215 – ACCT:  717 485
This Topic: BEGINNERS – Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray – Swing On In – 7.00pm
Time: May 19, 2020 07:00 PM Brisbane
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Topic: Transitions – Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray from Swing On In – 7.30pm
Hello Again, welcome to this weeks transitions Class where we will do 3 things:

1. Learn a New Move
2. Re-Check our Frame and connection
3. Do the Shim Sham

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Topic: Int/Adv Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy and Ray from Swing On In – 8.00pm 
Welcome Back, tonight we will be progressing with our mini pattern from previous class plus we will be also adding on to our new routine “The Charleston Stroll by Sing Lim”
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Ever wanted to learn how to partner dance but were afraid of group classes to start? Want to fast track your Swing, Lindy Hop or Rock n Roll dancing? Chrissy & Ray are now offering private lessons at their new studio for couples living in the same household as per the social distancing guidelines. 
Available times:
Wednesday evenings
Thursday – Saturday – Anytime
Sun evenings
$80 per couple
Lessons go for about 1.5 Hrs and we tailor the instruction to your needs. One on One lessons afford you and us the opportunity to fine tune and fast track your dancing with your partner.
Book now by emailing: [email protected] or Call: 0408306560
No Matter where yo are in the World we will all be celebrating Frankie Mannings Birthday on Tuesday 26 May with WORLD SHIM SHAM DAY..   Have a read here

It’s #FrankieMonth!

This year we’re doing a new kind of global Shim Sham for Frankie Manning’s birthday. This time, it’s going to be a relay!

No matter where you are in the world on 26 May 2020, at 8pm *your* time it’s Shim Sham time!

We invite you to join in.


  • Create a virtual Shim Sham party with your community or dance on your own at 8pm your time.
  • Post a video, tag it with #ShimShamRelay and #HappyBirthdayFrankieManning and share with the world!
  • Let’s flood social media!

The first Shim Sham will start 8pm UTC+12 in New Zealand and one hour later move on to the the next time zone, and so on and so on!

Organizers and schools, you can create your own events and invite your own students to join in, at 8pm YOUR time, post your videos for the whole lindy world to see!


See you at 8pm/20:00 your time on Tuesday 26 May 2020!

PRIVATE LESSONS WITH THE LINDY CHARM SCHOOL – Ever wanted to learn how to do a “DO-RAG”, Turban, Victory Rolls or just a great Page Boy Set and Brush out?  What about that hollywood glamour makeup you would love to achieve?  I’m your Mistress!

Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Come learn the secret sauce and the silent skill set you can not learn off You Tube.  Hands on, one on one time with me at my new Gold Coast Home based Salon OR Via ZOOM video conferencing..  Private Consults covering Hair and Makeup, Fashion and Accessories to suit the particular style/era you love plus The Essential 3 P’s (what are they?) ..  
Sessions usually take about 2 Hours.
You leave with your hair and makeup done and a whole lot of learnings to take home with you
Book Today:  Call me:  0409727888 or Email: [email protected]  
Til next time,
Stay Cool,
Love Chrissy & Ray xx

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