5 Modern Songs you Can Dance

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5 modern songs you can swing dance to

When you start learning swing dancing you start to realise just how slow some modern music can be, your body is used to the fast energy that swing dancing provides. 

Choosing modern songs to swing to can be a matter of personal opinion, but we’ve got a few options that you might want to bust some swing moves to. 

Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

With 152 beats per minute, an up-tempo feel and performed by rock legends Queen, this number is a great one to swing to. Performing the Lindy Hop to this classic looks and sounds great. Why not give it a go?  This song is a wedding favourite for its mix of “ham it up” moments and steady tempo!

Candyman – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is known for her amazing and powerful vocals, but she could become a hit in swing circles with her upbeat song Candyman; it’s a fun number that provides a fast tempo and a fun and free vibe. With trumpets and a real jazz feel to it, this hit is a modern song that could be perfect for performing the Lindy Hop to. The band, Christina’s beautiful voice, and add in the Lindy Hop and you have a feast for the eyes and ears. 

Outkast – Hey Ya!


Hey Ya has the common time signature 4/4, which is perfect for the Lindy Hop. With its catchy tune, fun lyrics and a deceptive cadence, Hey Ya provides a great base for swing dancing. 

Pitbull ft. Ke$ha – Timber 

If you want a song that will instantly add some energy, ‘Timber’ provides a fast beat that is perfect to swing dance to. Pitball and Kesha made number one on the Billboard charts with Timber and it’s easy to see why, it’s instantly uplifting, and the fast beat provides the perfect base for swing dancing. 

Flo Rida’s Good Feeling 

This feel-good song is could be the modern tune you’ve been looking for to swing to. With some slow patches, but the majority being up tempo, you get a chance to catch your breath in the middle before returning to a full 4/4 rhythm. 

Why not try a Swing Class? 

There are a lot of modern songs that you can swing to, generally most songs with a 4/4 rhythm will provide the fast beat needed to Lindy Hop to. Swing dancing involves a lot of improvisations, so putting a modern twist on an old classic can give you a point of difference. 

Swing is loved by people of all ages, and as such the old classics are often replaced by modern alternatives. Talk to the team at Swing On In on the Gold Coast, we’re here to make your swing experience as enjoyable as possible. Come and join our dance classes for a fun way to keep fit and meet new, like-minded people. 

Whats coming up: – Mark Your Diaries for the end of year rush..

Friday 15 November – Bangalow Social

Join Swing On In’s monthly swing dance party with very special guest artist, our favourite Swinging Jack, Mr Sebastiaan Scholtens, the lead singer of Well Swung Daddies! will be entertaining you all night with all of your danceable favourites.

Seb is a local, he is dedicated and one of the nicest guys in the industry! Come along and croon, swing & rock with us..

7pm til late
DJ Swingabilly Ray in the breaks
The Bowlo, Bangalow

Friday 22nd November – Swinging 60’s Party – Brisbane Powerhouse

Grab you Go Go Boots, Love Beads, Stove Pipes & Periwinkles

Grab your Go Go Boots and Love Beads Ladies, Get your Stove Pipes and Periwinkles ready Fellas, its time for a Swinging 60’s party!

We are thrilled to announce our band: “MISS WALLFLOWER AND THE MESS AROUNDS” … With the big band sounds of yesteryear keeping you on the dance floor, these cats will be playing those old swinging standards you all like to dance to PLUS a few sideways hits of the 60’s to keep those non lindy hopping kids shimmying and Shakin all over the floor.

The Band: Miss Wallflower and the Mess Arounds is a 6-piece band is headed up but he newly wedding couple, Cherryn Lomas and Eddie Bray and comprising ofSax/Clarinet, Trumpet/Vocals, Trombone/VocalsPiano/bass, Guitar & Drums and they will be blasting off around 7.15pm so get ready to Shimmy like ya sister Kate!

What you what to know:Yes there is a dance floor like last year. Yes the band will be playing dance music for your swing/blues, shag, R&R, Swinging 60’s, ballroom, or whatever dance style you like, we will cover it all.Yes, Swing A Billy Ray is your in between DJ, spinning all your favourites.Yes there will be a Best Dressed section againYes there will be a photoboothYes there will be Food and Cocktails/full barYes there will be an afterparty inside like last year after the 10pm finish of band outside. Yes it is all free.

IN ADDITION:There will be TWO FREE Pop Up Beehive Salons and Miss Vicky from Snippets of Time and Miss Ruby Laine will be there Teasing and Tizzying from 6.00pm to 9.00pm so jump in line .. you know what they say: “The Bigger the Hair, the closer to God”..

PLUS: Vintage Mini’s on display and super fabulous cocktail bar…
Look forward to seeing you all there to celebrate a fabulous year of dancing in South East Qld.


Brought to you By Brisbane Powerhouse and Swing On In

Friday 6 December – Swing On In End of Year Break Up Party!

Join us for our end of year celebration party with our new favourite local band “MAX AND THE MOOCHERS”.

There will still be one more week of classes we just needed to grab a date for our end of year before you all got too busy!

We chose Bangalow Bowlo for the superb floor, stage, food and beverages! Too far? WHY NOT CAR POOL? message our groups pages and hitch a ride!

Theme: Summer Lovin.. Had me a blast! Togs encouraged! haha! and Christmas Themed Attire encouraged. Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!


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