Swing On In Newsletter- Summer Swings in December

Howdy Swing Kids,

Welcome to Summer!  I LOVE December..  It’s my birthday month, it’s Christmas, it’s the start of summer and all the feels feel really good! I like December better than January.. Not sure why?

Whats in this Newsletter:

  1. Last Classes and start ups in 2023
  2. Our Swing On In Christmas Party
  3. International Dance Workshop with Gentleman James
  4. Dance Etiquette
  5. What is a Shim Sham, and Why Should You Be Doing It?

Last Classes and start ups in 2023

  • Last Class for Mullumbimby will be Thursday 8th December and the 1st class back for 2023 will be Thursday 3 February;  (CHRISTMAS THEMED DRESS CODE FOR LAST CLASS)
  • Last Class for Gold Coast will be Wednesday 14th December and the 1st class back for 2023 will be Wednesday 1 February (CHRISTMAS THEMED DRESS CODE FOR LAST TWO CLASSES)
  • We will also be a lots stricter on start and finish times of each class in 2023 ie:  starting promptly at 7 for beginners and finishing beginners after 45 mins.  This is so we can return to 3 classes but with with social dance time in between,.  SO.. come early to sign in and ready to start!   Our transition class will only be 30 mins to allow for some tougher advanced class to come back to its full.  We encourage you to push through and try but not at the expense of the learnings you have just undertaken so if you are unsure, then please approach Ray and I at class to discuss your next level.

Christmas Party – Sunday 18th December 2022 – from 4pm – $20pp

Our end of year break up party this year will be simple yet super fun…  Who’s on the Bill?:

  • We will have our International Guest Teacher from London (Gentleman James)  DJ’ing a set;
  • Swing A Billy Ray
  • Swing On In Dance Troupe Demo
  • Ginger Breads on arrival for all
  • Our resident songbird “Charlotte” will be singing our favourite tunes
  • A special encounter with Frosty the Snowman!
  • Of course, and yes, there is a BEST DRESSED competition

Venue:  Mermaid Beach Bowls Club

Time:  4pm

Cost:  $20 at the door

No bookings required, see you then.!

International Dance Workshop with Gentleman James


James Joseph Horada is an English Gentleman has been teaching and performing throughout London and Europe for the past 13 years.
Specialising in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz, James has just landed here in Australia for a 3 month Holiday so we are taking full advantage of his expertise, teaching prowess and oodles of charm to bring you two dedicated Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz workshop opportunities. First Stop Mullumbimby and then Gold Coast – Both workshops will contain different content so do 1 or do both!
This day will certainly take your dancing to the next level.
It will be challenging, fun, and by the end your brain will be fried but you will have a cup full of Lindy Hop & Jazz joy and a whole lot of learnings.
Are you ready to leap?
Dates/Times and Cost:
Sunday 18 December
10,.00 Registration (QLD TIME)
10.15am – Prompt Start to Workshop 1 – Lindy Hop – Intermediate
No Late entries
11.45am – Short 15 Min Break
12 Noon to 1.30pm – Workshop 2 – Lindy Hop – Advanced – building on morning class
1.30pm to 2.15 – Lunch Break
2.15 to 4.00pm – Solo Jazz Workshop – all levels
4.15 to 7pm – Social Dancing – James will be our guest DJ as well.
Cost: $120pp for the day pass – 3 workshops and social dance.
To Book: Email: [email protected]
What to bring:
Change of Shirt
Water Bottle
Spare Shoes
Hand Towel
Notepad and pen
Energy, enthusiasm, open heart and open mind..🙂
Here is the workshop brief outline from James to you:
Morning Swing Dance Workshop:
This workshop is for those dancers who have perhaps been dancing for a couple of years or more. For those dancers who consider themselves to be of an intermediate to advance level. For those who are comfortable with social dancing, who have some moves and steps but are ready to improve their understanding of this wonderful, joyous dance.
“Beginners learn beginner moves, intermediates learn intermediate moves, and advance dancers learn beginner moves”.
Relearning and replacing what is good, for something that is even better, may be exceedingly useful. Perhaps your learning curve has progressively slowed down as you have improved your dancing.
Do you find you can have great dances with some people whilst others don’t go so well? Perhaps you feel unsure or unclear at times whilst social dancing.
Over the course of three hours, we will take you on a journey. Equipping you with new tools for your dancing creativity.
You will be embracing new ideas and practices. Offering you techniques that may greatly improve your quality of movement, your communication with your dance partner, better the flow of your dancing, and most importantly boost your enjoyment and imagination.
Be ready to be playful, open, and experimental. You are going to be moving around the floor and being active throughout, so come prepared for some fun learning.
Solo Jazz workshop :
“Remember, if you want to move someone else it’s a great idea to learn how to move yourself.”
Perhaps you’ve learnt some traditional solo jazz routines like the Shim Sham or the Big Apple. Or you may have a repertoire of jazz solo moves like ‘fall of the log’, ‘eagle slide’, or ‘shuffle ball change’. Maybe you are one of those partner dancers who love a little fancy footwork to impress your dance partner whilst swinging out. Whichever one of these might describe you best, we invite you to join us and enjoy our beginner/intermediate two-hour solo jazz workshop.
When solo dancing, it is not unusual to experience that moment of panic that tricks us into doing too much when less might be best.
Get ready to gain greater musicality, better your rhythm, improve your transitions from one move to the next, and learn to feel more comfortable in yourself whilst being creative
Social Dancing to close the day. James will be spinning some fabulous tunes, new music, old music and a variety to please our ears and keep our feet moving…
See you there..

What is Swing Dance etiquette, and why is it important?

In order to help you navigate the social dimensions of swing dancing, here are our top three etiquette guidelines. It can make the difference between a happy or unhappy dancing experience.

What is Swing Dance etiquette, and why is it important?

1. Who may ask for a dance?

There is no rule as to who may ask for a dance, as it is socially acceptable for both men and women to do so. There is, however, etiquette guidelines you should follow when it comes to how you ask someone to dance. You must ask politely for a dance, using phrases like “may I have this dance?”. One does not simply hold their hand out or grab and pull someone up to dance. Stick to using your words, “would you like to dance” is the most accepted way, and probably the one that is going to get the most chance of acceptance.  It doesn’t matter whom asks whom as long as someone does and you get to enjoy the dance!

2. Who should you be dancing with?

Swing is a social dance, which means you should not be sticking with just one partner the entire night. Though everyone has favourites, you should still make a point of dancing with multiple partners. As a general rule, you should try switching partners after one full song, but should the dance be particularly enjoyable with that partner, after two consecutive songs. There is no rule that you have to dance with partners within your own skill level. Whether they are more skilled or less than you, you should be patient or challenge yourself to keep up.

3. What do I do when the dance ends?

You should thank your partner for the dance, and if wanting to continue request another dance or find a new partner to request a dance of. If there is a live band present you should also make sure you applaud their performance. Traditional etiquette guidelines state that the dance lead should escort their partner back to their seat, however modern dancing may make this rule a bit awkward to follow.

At Swing On In we are more than just a swing dance school, we have a passion for the music and the dance styles of those early days. The Swinging dance styles that we concentrate on are: Lindy Hop, Shim Sham, Charleston dance, Balboa dance and the St Louis Shag. We welcome you to come along anytime to one of our regular swing dance social events or attend a class at one of our Gold Coast or Northern NSW swing dance schools where you can join in for some social dancing.

What is a Shim Sham, and Why Should You Be Doing It?

Have you ever wondered what exactly a Shim Sham is? Or, more importantly why you should be doing it? Here is a brief history of the Shim Sham dance and the reasons why you need to be learning it in swing dance lessons.

The History of the Shim Sham

Originating from a style of dance termed the ‘Goodus’ in the late 1920s, the Shim Sham Shimmy was first performed on stage in Harlem in the early 1930s as a closing routine that would get all of the singers, dancers and performers on stage together with the audience joining in. It wasn’t until some lindy hoppers at the Savoy Ballroom did the Shim Sham as a group line dance (without the taps) that the dance style really took to fame.

In the mid-1980s, the Shim Sham was introduced at New York’s Swing Dance Society dances by Frankie Manning, who went on to create a special version of the Shim Sham dance just for swing dancers. It is the tap dance routine that we know and love today, involving a shuffled rhythm of the ‘Time Step’.

Why You Should Be Doing the Shim Sham

Swing dancing, including the Shim Sham, can enrich your life in so many ways. Here are the top reasons why everyone should be doing Swing dance.

There’s No Such Thing as Too Old to Swing!

Swing dancing and swing lessons are for all ages, body types and fitness levels. Beginner and experienced dancers can equally learn how to Shim Sham. Whether you’re eight or 80 everyone can swing!

It’s a Social Thing!

Swing dancing lessons at a local dance school are a great way to meet new people, expand your horizons, network and learn a new skill all at the same time! Even if you are shy, swing dancing lessons give you something to focus on to calm your nervousness and give you a way to slowly introduce yourself to people.

Dancing is the Best Remedy!

The health benefits of dancing are endless. From mind to body, dancing has been proven to vastly improve your health. It improves coordination, focuses the mind, energises the body, gives you a great cardio workout, improves your strength, stretches your muscles and joints and provides a whole lot of joy at the same time!

Have a look at some great video tuition of the Shim Sham HERE and HERE

Until next time,

Catch ya on the flip side kids,

Chrissy & Ray x

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