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Swing On In Classes this week
Swing On In Socials
Lismore Anniversary Recovery Day Event
Brisbane Lindy Exchange
Brisbane Dance Socials
Cooly Rocks On
Chrissy & Ray on Tour
Dance Troupe
Google Reviews – We need you…
EOI  DJ Workshop/Training

Swing On In Classes this week

It’s not a secret!  Ray and I are heading off to Napier Art Deco Festival on Wednesday for a week and we are so lucky to have some fabulous and fun guest teachers!  These guys are cheeky and we have given them carte blanche with only one codicil!  Not to lose any of our beloved students!   David (RSO) and the effervescent Maddi will be taking our Wednesday Gold Coast Class..  Beginners at 7pm sharp for 45 Mins and then who knows.. they will keep you having fun and learning lots for sure!   THEN.. The wonderful Ian Cooke (who is loved by all)  will partner Maddi for our Thursday Night Mullum Class.   We are so blessed to be able to run away to this festival which we love and know that our Swing On In Family business is in safe hands!   Be kind to them, listen and learn!  I want to see pictures and videos as you know we will have major FOMO!


Swing On In Socials

We land home on Tuesday 21st ready for the weeks classes BUT we are also here for the most fabulous of Swing On In Social Dances to kick off 2023.  Rhydian Lewis has pulled together the most amazing line up of stella musicians to entertain us all on FRIDAY 24 February 2023 at the Mullumbimby ExServiecs Club from 7pm NSW time.  $20 at the door!  Ray and I can’t wait to enjoy this evening with you all.


PLEASE NOTE:  Going forward the Mullumbimby Swing Dance Social will be the 3RD FRIDAY of the Month ie:  17/3,


Lismore Anniversary Recovery Day Event

Saturday 4th March – REFLECT, REBUILD Lismore is for our community with all events free present by Lismore City Council.  

Come and join the Swing On In Dancers as we collectively celebrate and reflect on the Lismore Floods.  So many of our own dancers were affected by this devastating event and we are so proud that we have been asked to be involved and participate in this fantastic day of joyful events including a Swing Dance performance by our troupe and dancing live the the delightful tunes of Rhydian Lewis and also Chris Knight doing his Buddy Holly Tribute Show.  I believe Elvis will be there too!  We can dance to any thing as you know but we ould LOVE for you to ALL come and join us.  We will be there from 1pm and we dance from 2 to 3pm.. and then we join in an play and enjoy and dance.. Please come and dance with us to celebrate this amazing event.!  Details HERE

An open CBD Gathering on Saturday, 4 March with CBD businesses, food vendors, local artists, roving entertainers and four live music stages around the block which will be closed to traffic.

Brisbane Lindy Exchange:

Hey, we don’t know much about this event as yet but are super excited and so happy that Brisbane will again have its own Lindy Exchange again.  This is all we know…
EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT: We’re planning a Lindy Exchange! Keep those calendars free from Friday the 26th of May to the through to the 29th and we’ll have more info and announcements coming your way soon about the new Brisbane swing thing! 
Wth the successes of Canberrang and ALX recently its great that Corner Pocket Swing are riding the wave and working to bring BLX back!!  Don’t know what a Lindy Exchange is?  Here is a bit about the history and what to expect.  Just mark the dates marked out in the diary!!    Our favourite Lindy Exchange to date is SLX and we are so pleased it is back for 2023 so we are always up for a road trip!

A lindy exchange is a gathering of lindy hop dancers in one city for several days to do the same dance at other venues, showcase one’s own talent to the local community, and to dance with visitors and locals alike. Traveling for exchanges has contributed to promoting lindy hop internationally.

The term ‘exchange’ is derived from school or university exchange programs, where students travel to another country or city to experience the local culture. Exchange students often swap or exchange their own home or place at their home university with another traveler. Visitors at lindy exchanges are often hosted by local dancers, staying in their homes for the duration of the event.

While many workshop events existed in before lindy exchanges, what really differentiated the first exchange was that it had absolutely no classes or contests, it was completely a social event with a large amount of social dancing.

There are Lindy Exchanges around Australia and the World every weekend in part of the world and if you intend travelling – check out this fabulous site which lists every major swing dance event around the world : SWINGPLANIT

Brisbane Dance Socials

Brisbane, Gold Coast & The Northern Rivers.. You look hard enough, there is dancing everywhere, all the time.  I can’t keep up with events going o so its great when you find something and share and we manage to gather a posse and get along and support and have some fun!  Here is what Brisbane has to offer on a regular basis.

Swing Patrol Brisbane Bi Monthly Sunday Swing Sesh – West EndBrisbane

Empire Swing 2nd Friday of the Monday – 11 March onwards

Corner Pocket Swing  – 3rd Friday of the Month in Hamilton

Cooly Rocks On


The Moonlight Swing Dance at Cooly Rocks On  hosted by Swing On in is happening again and tickets go on sale soon.  I know the bands and they are wild cool and swingin!  xplosives fun!  Where the ticket go live be sure to grab yours which includes, main event, drink on arrival and after party!


Chrissy & Ray on Tour!


Charleville – April 19-20 – 4.30pm – WWII Secret Base, Qantas Drive, Charleville QLD 4470

Get ready for a swingin’ good time at The Big Base Party for music that will have you ‘cutting a rug’ all night long to tunes inspired from the WWII era. If the sound of big band swing, jazz and blues isn’t already buzzing in your ears, it soon will be.

Held at Charleville’s WWII Secret Base airplane hangar, the outdoor concert under the stars will transport you back in time. Opening with a spot of vintage glam, inspired by the 1940s girl groups reminiscent of the Andrew’s Sisters and the Sapphires, let the The Pacific Belles’ big band melodies take you back to dance hall hey-days!

Then headliners, C.W. Stoneking and His Primitive Horn Orchestra, step up the mood further, bringing their melting pot of all your favourite vintage music genres including pre-war blues to New Orleans jazz, jug band music to calypso.

To get in the mood, come along to a dance workshop with Swing On In at Charleville Town Hall before the show and learn some simple moves so you can hit the dance floor with the team from Everybody NOW! and local dancing legends. Join them for a hotsy totsy dance mash up, inspired by tunes of the Jazz Age with a contemporary remix of classic pop tracks that everyone loves to dance to! No dancing experience needed – this is a participatory experience for all ages and abilities warming up the floor for a great night of entertainment ahead. Check it out here.

The Big Base Party runs over two days, so you can choose to attend either day – or both! The program will be the same both days so you won’t miss a thing. While visiting Charleville, have a gander at the museum and discover the town’s rich history, before hitting the road to Tambo for our final stop on the Trail.

Dance Troupe

We are looking to recruit some leads to our growing Swing on In Dance Troupe.  We work hard, learn lots, have fun exploring, bonding and get to perform to the public, sometimes for free and sometimes for money!  If you are keen to progress your dancing,  willing to travel and commit to training then let us know !  Leads and follows and can be any mix..   Thing outside the box and back yourself!


Google Reviews – We need you…

Do you like what we do?  Then please share the love and give us a 5 star thumbs up to grow our Swing On In Dance community!  Click HERE and you can say anything you like.. Be Kind!  🙂  THANK YOU!

EOI  DJ Workshop/Training

Have you got a smokin’ collection of music you love and want to share it with the world?  Well, why not consider being a DJ for your local swing dance scene? Have a great set list?  Love Music? Want to know how to hold a crowd?  Want to know the secrets of seeing the dance floor full.. How do you block out the noise and stay true to the process of success?  We are looking for new up and coming DJ’s male and female.. Thinking of leaping into your passion of music and keeping dancers ignighted?  Let us help you., Open to ALL. EOI by email to [email protected]


Thats all Folks!

Catch Ya on the Flip Side!


Swingin Regards


Chrissy & Ray xx



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