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🌟 In a world filled with uncertainty, division, and sadness, many are hurting more than ever. We consider ourselves blessed and grateful for the Swing On In dance community, which offers a glimmer of joy each week as we step onto the dance floor. 💃🕺
It’s well-documented how dancing can improve mental health, releasing those happy endorphins and forging new friendships. At Swing On In, we’re not just teaching Lindy Hop; we’re fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share the desire to have fun and dance away the blues.
🚀 This week marks the beginning of a 4-week program of FREE Swing Dance classes for absolute beginners. Now is the perfect time to take that first step onto the dance floor. Share the news with your friends and gently nudge those who’ve been considering it but haven’t yet leaped into the world of dance. Let’s find joy in each step and unity in our shared love for dance.
  • 4 Weeks FREE Beginner Classes for Newbies, discounted for regulars
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4 Weeks FREE Beginner Classes for Newbies, discounted for regulars


From Wednesday 18th October though to and Including Thursday 9th of November , our beginner classes will be FREE for brand new people and a discounted rate ($15pp) for current/regular beginners! – $20pp for advanced/whole night   See you on the dance floor.  No bookings required, just swing on in.

Spooky Mullum Swings

Down Memory Lane

That time 8 of us swing dancers got chosen to create a 22 minute show directed by Ben Knapton and perform it to all incoming athletes for their own personal welcome ceremony for the Comm Games 2018.  We were so blessed to work and perform alongside Anna Lumb, The Muninjali Boys including Jarred Fogarty, Raymond Cordingly, George and

28 performances over 10 days at the Althletes Village for Comm Games 2018 and there was no professional footage or photos taken can you believe it?, we got this on iPhone which was our very last performance! We were shattered after 10 days and running on empty with injuries but we made it..  I did forget how to do the flying charleston at one point!..  There was a whole other 15 mins of the beautiful creation of the Gold Coast ceremony that Jarred Fogarty and the Muninjali Boys which gave us chills every time we saw it.  I wish someone had of got that too!

What an exhilarating and treasured experience for us all..

Anna Lumb on Hoops… The Swing On In Dancers:   Ray Keepence, Chrissy Keepence, Danielle Nikita, Paul Joseph, Brett Barfoot, Roger Bowden, Karin Von Behrens, Amanda DB, The Muninjali Boys including Jarred Fogarty, Raymond Cordingly, George Hopkins and Zac Fogarty.


If you happened to be in Melbourne?


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