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THIS BOY!!  … mmm, what can I say… One night he swaggered in with this pretty (I think Pink or Green haired girl – Dani is forever changing hair colours), to our Tuesday night Gold Coast Class…they had cool, they had swagger but Paul had two left feet….  I got the feeling he was dragged along initially and by his own admission was freaked out and didn’t think he’d be back!  But.. he came back didn’t he…  and blessed is the Swing On In and the wider dance community that he did..  His growth, his passion, his craziness, his sense of fun and of course his new found dancing ability is so fabulous to witness.  He exudes Lindy Hop spirit.. personifies the freedom and fun in the music.  His journey is indeed a trip!

Preparing for his SOI Profile, Paul was… who me?, I dunno… what do  I say….  A Humble guy, he doesn’t even know how much he has to offer and share …  Read on…

Profile on Paul:

Name Rank and Serial Number:

Paul, rank- yet to be assigned, serial number – 0404040404

How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing:

We found you guys when we were at a rods and rockabilly event at miami shark bar and decided we wanted to dance when a kind lady told us about swing on in. To be honest, after my first lesson i almost didn’t want to come back as i thought i’d never get it but since my second lesson i’ve loved it and never want to stop!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?

I work as a cook at a restaurant called Justin Lane and prior to swing dancing I use to focus most of my time to skateboarding and playing guitar with our Band Leather on Leopard…  (Yep, thanks my girl Danielle on Drums!)

Tell us something random about you!

Can’t think of anything outstanding but i’m pretty sure in the last year i would have peeled and sliced close to one tonne of onions. how about that?

If you were a Swing Move, What would it be?

I’d like to think of myself as a swing out. It’s always the same move but it’s also very versatile and can be adapted to different stylings, speeds and musicallity. Like me, i’m always the same person but can change to all situations and am useful (in most). haha Plus swing outs are my favourite.

How would you describe your style of dancing?

My style of dancing – for some reason i wanna say its somewhere between a cowboy and a clown.

Whats your Fav Movie?

My favourite movies would be Pulp Fiction and Pineapple Express.

What’s your fav swing tune?

My two favourite swing tunes would be: (the fast one is) “is you is or is you aint my baby’ by louis jordan and thanks to Miss Chrissy, Rag Mop by the Trenniers.


What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?

Fashion influences have always been old rock and roll stars like hendrix, jim morrison, nikki six, and have been determined by music of the 60’s/70’s/ and 80’s. as well as this i now like things back to the 20s and really like any of the outfits shown on a tv series called the PEAKY BLINDERS Especially the shirts with the curved collar, or maybe its just an attachable collar.

Who would you nominate  to be profiled next?


What’s your favorite quote on life?

‘Sleepings for Dreamers’

‘If you never did, you should, these things are fun and fun is good!’

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words…  I love these pics I found of Paula and  Danm in their band, I can see the Hendricks rock n roll vibes and the journey through to where he is now..  It’s not changing sides of Paul, its adding another layer of awesome to him..

Now, these days you can find Paul hanging with pin up gals and dancing as a lead in performances and everything in between.

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