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Hows was your Summer?  How was this past long weekend?   Oh My Lordy, it was HOT HOT HOT..  It did not stop us dancing though!  We melted away on the dance floor for our back to school dance at Kingscliff but were grateful for the ocean breeze and the swims after.  We did it all again for the Sunday wind down at The YOT Deck to dance the weekend away to The Well Swung Daddies!  These guys are great, Wild Cool and Swingin or should I say Wild HOT and Swingin!  Thanks for all the dances..  I will upload footage to you tube and you can always swing by and have a look at our little channel HERE, this is where I usually upload class recaps too for those that don’t do social media!


This Weeks Newsletter:

  • Classes are back baby!!
  • ALX
  • Dance Troupe Training resumes
  • Dance In A Day Workshop – Time to invite your friends!

Classes:  We are so thrilled to finally be back to our regular classes, how bout you?  It’s been a long 6 weeks from seeing all your faces regularly but we have totally enjoyed the slowdown!

Don’t forget to tell your friends, encourage them to have a go..  We can’t sell a secret so shout it out and give those family, friends, work colleagues a nudge!  Why should you have all the fun right?

Join us for dance classes this week:
** No Partner required as we rotate
** Start anytime
** Fun, all inclusive, safe environment
** Bring the kids!
** Restaurant and Bar open
$15pp for Beginners
$20 for the whole night (All classes)
Pay option:  Cash, Pay ID or pre-purchase one of our loyalty cards.
SHIM SHAM – 7.15pm
8.15pm – Close – Social Dancing/Dance Troupe Routine Training
SHIM SHAM – 7.30pm

8.30pm – Close – Social Dancing/Dance Troupe Routine Training


So proud of all the Swing On In Kids who travel all over to Lindy Exchanges in Australia and Overseas!  Most recently a bunch of them went to ALX and had an absolute ball..  I love getting the pictures, videos and updates regularly, you could say we are proud Swing Dance Parents!  Ray and I would have loved to but having to be in Adelaide again in 2 weeks time made it cost prohibitive!  How lucky were they all though to have such great venues and an awesome band like Lucky Seven (Our favorite!)

Recently we ran a workshop called Jump in the Jam Circle with us!!  This workshop was about getting us all not to be so afraid to jump in and shine.  I remember when we started teaching Shamus and Sinomi this through Troupe Training and then they went off and practiced and learnt more and practiced more.. I was super proud to see this footage of them jumping in to the jam circle at ALX and killing it!  Check it out HERE:  (Wearing all black and although slightly cut off they nailed that exit! We grow so close to our students and hate it when they fly the coupe but love it so much as well.  Sinomi spread her wings and went Lindy Hopping around the World, Shamus is constantly  travelling to Lindy Exchanges  and it is when you cross over and commit you really fly.  I look forward to more commitment from us all this year and I want to see you all fly but you can’t fly away for good though, you have to come back!


Dance Troupe Training Resumes – All the questions answered for you here:

Who can join:  Anyone is is committed and keen to learn, train and practice.  You must already have a intermediate/Advance handle of the Lindy Hop Basics (Swing Outs, Charleston etc)
How regular do we train:  To start with it will be once a month on the Gold Coast, probably a Saturday late arvo/evening for 2 hours (4-6pm).  This is where you will learn the framework of the routines and then you need to go away and practice yourselves and know that pattern before the next training day so wee can move forward!
Cost: $20 pp cash on the day
Where do we perform: Cooly Rocks On and any other festival or corporate entity that invite us.  Sometimes we get paid and sometime we do it to promote the dance
Do I need a Partner: No but its always great to have someone to train with in between.  Some routines will be solo and some partnered.
Who’s teaching us:  Mostly Glenn and Rachael for new routines they have .. These guys are amazing and are fun to work with but they do push us and expect greatness!  Other routines will be taught by Ray and Myself
How do I sign up?  Talk to us at class and if we all think its a grand idea and you are ready we will join you to our Whats App Team Chat.


Dance in a Day Workshop – Time to invite your friends or maybe you want to learn to switch from Lead to Follow or Follow to Lead?

🎶 Swing On In Presents: “Dance in a Day” Workshop with Chrissy & Ray 🎶

Ever dreamt of mastering Lindy Hop? Want to learn or fast track your Swing Dancing Skills? Dance in A Day Workshops are a great way to get started. We will have you dancing by the end of the workshop and then you will only get better from there. We will kick off with the raw beginners and transition through different Swing/Lindy Hop and Charleston basics then you will learn some killer moves to showcase on the dance floor! Whether you’re a total beginner or aiming to refine your skills, this workshop caters to all dance enthusiasts!

Sunday, February 18th, 2024
10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Our Home Studio (Address provided upon registration)

$50 per person

– Comfortable attire
– Flat, non-grip shoes
– Hand towel
– Water bottle
– Snack/Lunch (short breaks included)
– Low-scent deodorant

Discover the art of partnered swing dancing as you delve into the Lead and Follow roles. No partner? No problem! We’ll be rotating partners, fostering a social dance environment. Embrace the freedom to choose your role, breaking away from gender norms. Our class kicks off with solo warm-up movements and a basic footwork pattern, setting the stage for additional moves. Questions are encouraged, and a supportive learning environment is guaranteed.

**Register by emailing us and we will send you further details.

– Web: swingonin.com.au
– Mobile: 0409 727 888
– Email: [email protected]
– Facebook: SWING On In
– Instagram: @swing_on_in
– TikTok: @swing_on_in

Ready to dance your way into the vibrant world of Lindy Hop? Secure your spot now and let the rhythm take control! 💃🕺 #SwingOnIn #DanceInADay

See you all on the dance floor this week.



Chrissy & Ray

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