Profile of a Swing On In Dancer – Rhydian Lewis

Meet one of our Bangalow Swing On In Dancers:  Mr Rhydian Lewis.  Rhydian is a regular with his wife Paula at our weekly Bangalow Classes on a Wednesday night and quite often jumps on the mic and gives us some of his best crooning and scatting whilst we are dancing.  He’s always a treat.  Rhydian will also be one of our Guest Artists at our upcoming “A Very Swellegant Affair” on Saturday 12th of August.  Check out the event here:  More Details coming next week…

Lets find out some more about him: How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.

My wife Paula was a mad swing dancer in her days in Perth as there was a massive scene there. We found it hard finding an active scene on the Gold Coast 7 years ago, really not that much happening, but since you  and Ray have started getting serious, plus starting classes at the awesome Bangalow Bowlo, the transformation has been explosive. I wasn’t a Swing dancer when Paula picked me up and wanted me to start swing, I was an ex Break Dancer and Body Popper who could and still can spin on my head. 

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?

Photographed lots of famous people for CD album covers, magazines and not so famous but equally as nice people as well. As an Actor/model, I’ve been so lucky to have been all over the planet on shoots and television commercials, I have been in featured Vogue. Now, I am a full time musician with my band The Residuals. We have 3 shows at the moment, The Rat Pack, The Best of Buble, and Its a Swing Thing.

Tell us something random about you!

I saw a flying saucer once. It was in the middle of the road when I was driving from Benidorm to Alicante in Spain when I was working as a Break Dancer at 16.

I used to be a Coal Miner.

I can Rap, I sing in Mandarin, Japanese and Indonesian.

My Name means:  Warrior-stood by the for, holding a spear!

If you were a Swing Move, What would it be?
A made up one

How would you describe your style of dancing?
Fun, and music orientated.

Whats your Fav Move?
All of the ones Ray taught me, and some i created whilst asleep.

What’s your fav swing tune?
Too many, Zoot suit Riot. You make me feel so young, and a zillion others

What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?
I like the way the old school used to dress. in suits and pants and ties and jackets and the girls all had amazing curls and hair cuts. Dancing to live bands and having fun and dressing up has to be the best thing to do on a night out.

Who would you nominate to be profiled next?
Mary Mc Dermott

What’s your favoritiet quote on life?
“There are no answers in life, only choices”. Rhydian Lewis

Check out the wonderful world of Rhydian and check out where he is next!  www.thebestofbuble.com.au

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