Profile of Swing On In Dancer – Miss Gee Gee Griffindore – Bangalow Class

I so love the diversity of colour, creative minds, personalities and flamboyance that our Swing On In Classes bring together.  Miss Gee Gee (Gabrielle) is ever changing and each time she comes along to class I remark on how quirk, funky, hip, retro and cool she looks, a fashionista with a twist… we share a love of dance and individual fashion..  Particularly humble, this gal is not only a great swing dancer,  but a Mum, a circus/stilt walker/street performer and all round artist!  Thanks Gee Gee for sharing a little of who you are with the rest of us.. are sure you grab this girl for a twirl, she’s an awesome follow!  

Name, Rank & Serial Number to start..

Gabrielle or GG (it’s easier to remember)

How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.

I used to live in Adelaide, so did Swing dance there. I’ve been coming to Bangalow for about 3 years, since I returned to the Northern Rivers, but sadly can’t get there every week

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?

I teach Pilates, walk on stilts, and am a street performer. I also keep a blog and write short stories. Basically, I’m an artist

Tell us something random about you!

In my cupboard, I have 5 puppets.

If you were a Swing Move, What would it be?

I’m not sure I’ve learnt it yet! Something where I look really cool, but the Lead is doing all the work

How would you describe your style of dancing?

Hopefully I’m light and bouncy. Playful?

Whats your Fav Movie?

I’ve loved ‘On the Town’ with Gene Kelly since I was very young- I’ve probably seen it nearly 50 times. I also love ‘Lars & the Real Girl’, and ‘Into the Wild’ directed by Sean Penn. I love deep movies.

What’s your fav swing tune?

It’s a fast contemporary one: Swing Set by Jurassic 5

What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?

I do love the 50s, and collect old dresses. But I love groovy 70s stuff too. I like quirky outfits, and changing my image according to my mood or the day. I always love how Miss Chrissy looks!

Who would you nominate to be profiled next?

Sue, from Bangalow

What’s your favorite quote on life?

‘Love the Dance, it loves you back.’ Gabrielle Roth, 5Rhythms

Need a performer like Gee Gee..  Get in touch with us and we’ll pass on her details to you…

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