Brisbane’s Only Lindy Exchange – Sunshine Swing 2017…

Dear Swing On In Students & Friends, You have a super dooper calendar of events coming up in a couple of weeks with THE BRISBANE LINDY EXCHANGE – SUNSHINE SWING – (Be Prepared to be Enchanted)!  BUT…

What is a Lindy Exchange? It occurred to me that I have been telling you at classes that you all should make the effort to go, but you probably don’t even know what it is or where it came about so I thought I’d share a little of the history and the sentiment behind such exchanges…

Sadly Ray and I will be in country Qld (Rockhampton in fact) teaching (bad timing I know) and can’t make it BUT I don know that some key kids in our dance community are making the effort so why not all chat and car pool together..

So… What is a Lindy Exchange:

A lindy exchange is a gathering of lindy hop dancers in one city for several days to do the same dance at other venues, showcase one’s own talent to the local community, and to dance with visitors and locals alike. Traveling for exchanges has contributed to promoting lindy hop internationally.

The term ‘exchange’ is derived from school or university exchange programs, where students travel to another country or city to experience the local culture. Exchange students often swap or exchange their own home or place at their home university with another traveler. Visitors at lindy exchanges are often hosted by local dancers, staying in their homes for the duration of the event.

While many workshop events existed in before lindy exchanges, what really differentiated the first exchange was that it had absolutely no classes or contests, it was completely a social event with a large amount of social dancing.

There are Lindy Exchanges around Australia and the World every weekend in part of the world and if you intend travelling – check out this fabulous site which lists every major swing dance event around the world : SWINGPLANIT

Prepare to be enchanted in 2017 as Empire Swing presents a magical and mystical weekend of social dances and other events.

Empire are holding their 6th annual Sunshine Swing, Brisbane’s Lindy Exchange, where the nights are cooler but the dancing is still super hot! With 3 nights of social dancing in fantastic venues to fabulous bands and DJ’s, as well as multiple daytime outings, this is an exchange not to be missed.

Check out what they did in 2016 by clicking on the Previous Year link in the menu.
Follow them on Facebook for all the latest updates as they are announced.

A quick look at events to choose from:


Where:  Holy Trinity Church Hall
Band:  Held to Ransom
$45 at the door or buy online

Saturday Afternoon – 27TH OF MAY 2pm to 5pm:

What:  Exclusive Screening of the much anticipated movie ALICE N KICKIN (a swing dance movie for swing dancers by swing dancers)

Where:  New Farm Cinemas – 701 Brunswick St
Check out Event Organisers FB Event HERE

Saturday Night – 27th May 2017 – The Enchanted BALL

Where:  The Colossus, – 71 Jane St, West End

Band – The BLX All Stars
$55 at the door or repurchase online with BLX

Sunday Afternoon:

What Princess Bride Swicnic
when: 1pm to 5pm
Where: Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Sunday Night – 28th May 5pm to 11pm
Where:  Windsor Bowls Club
Band:  Cigany Weaver
$30 at the door

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