A Little Party Never Killed Nobody! .. Step on inside for all the goss

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody! .. Step on inside for all the goss on whats coming up!

In this news:

1. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody – Save the Date
2. Monthly Socials Coming Up
2. Gold Coast Show – Swing Dance Flash Mob – Dancers needed – All Invited
3. SLX
4. Getting Inspired from Animation and Illustration (A Fabulously cute article)
5. Swing In The Flowers
6. Our You tube Chanel
7. Testimonials help

**A seperate blog post and newsletter will be done regarding the most asked question at classes:  “Where do you buy your vintage clothing and dance shoes from**  What to wear and how to find it will be coming soon**


Roll up, Roll up…

Brisbane’s debaucherously delightful summer party is back and rolls into Brisbane Powerhouse and SWING ON IN have ben asked to host the Swing dance Party of the century!! An unrivalled end-of-year carnival of all things wacky and wonderful, this year’s Wonderland Festival serves up a seductive feast of more than 25 events AND “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” will be a new feature to this fabulous festival.

With a Mix of Cabaret, Burlesque, Circus and SWING DANCING

Brisbane’s ultimate summer-starter. Wonderland Festival bottles that spirit and pops the cork night after night with a world-class program of unashamedly balls-out entertainment; it’s a thrill from top to bottom.

The Must Know Details you’ve all been waiting for:

* VENUE: Check out this very cool venue we will be hosting our end of year shindig… Powerhouse Brisbane – On the Brisbane River at New Farm.. The Outdoor amphitheatre under the summer stars! https://brisbanepowerhouse.org/the-building/venues/powerhouse-plaza/

** Yes we have a wet weather contingency but am pretty sure the weather gods won’t be raining on this parade..

In our Space, we will have:

A Band, multiple guest DJ’s, Bar & Food stations, Gin Tent (The Sponsor), Pizza Oven etc… We are working on some other special surprises so can’t give it all away just yet.

Some extras to make the night spectacular visually as well: The lighting on the walls will be of Swing Dancers Gobo which is going to look super cool.

There will be ample lounging and seating and photo booths to play in.


As we are running at the same time as the Wonderland Festival, we will enjoy the Food Trucks, The Markets, the Cabaret, Burlesque, Circus, creative and clever acts that will be on through the festival/night.

Date/Time:Saturday 1st of December 2018 – 7.30pm
Entertainment: Swing Band TBA
Cost: FREE
Dresscode: Be Creative…

BAND ANNOUNCEMENT: Without further ado… We have pleasure in announcing our 8 piece swing dance band for “A Little Party Never Killed No Body” end of year extravaganza…
We are so excited that this band has collaborated, worked hard and gathered the finest of swing dance set lists and put together a swinging kickass girl power dance band for your entertainment pleasure…

Yas Queen – Brisbane’s favourite all-female jazz ensemble – is thrilled to be debuting its new Dance Band at the 2018 Wonderland Festival’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” at the Brisbane Powerhouse hosted by SWING On In

Fronted by two vocalists with Andrew Sister-like harmonies and joie de vivre, the eight-piece band has worked in collaboration with swing dancers to create a stompin’ set of big band classics, popular jazz standards and modern-day hits with a vintage twist.

Forming at the end of 2017, Yas Queen plays regularly at venues such as the Brisbane Jazz Club, JMI Live and the Bearded Lady to enthusiastic and ever-expanding crowds. At the beginning of 2018, the ensemble started performing for Brisbane’s vibrant swing dance scene, giving birth to the Yas Queen Dance Band.

So, grab your coat, get your hat, put on your dancing shoes, and remember – “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody”.
Welcome to the Party Yas Queen xx

Our Socials:

Our Monthly swing dance socials are held 1st and 3rd FRIDAY of every month….  The 1st Friday is Nerang and the 3rd Friday is Bangalow.

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT is the 3rd Friday of the month so that means….Bangas will be swinging from the chandeliers again this Friday night! No Band this week as Sebastiaan Scholtens is double booked BUT he will be back next month but you will have Swingabilly Ray and DJ Mark Tippett to keep you on the best little dance floor in Northern NSW!! FREE and The Stockpot Kitchen and Smokehouse BBQ open for cracking good meals as well as the The Bowlo, Bangalow serving premium organise local beverages… I’m There I hear you say! Head over to Swing On In – Gold Coast if you want to car pool – maybe someone else does too!


It’s a Flashmob Occassion:

Swing On In have been asked to organise some Swing Dance Flashmobs like we have done at previous events such As Cooly Rocks On, Gold Coast City Council City Wide Events and Bleach Festival for the GOLD COAST SHOW Weekend.

This is a HUGE opportunity to get to the masses of the General Public of Gold Coast Show Goers. A chance to showcase the joy of dance through Swing Dancing, Rock n Roll & Rockabilly Styles. All are encouraged to come out and dance. Ray will be playing tunes to suit us all over the days.. Surfaces will be varied as we are popping up so some maybe grass, some may be cement and we may even get on to the stage which is timber…

This is a FREE event and for the first time at the glorious Broadwater Parklands, why not bring the kids, the fan, the wider friend circle and in between we can eat fairy floss, ride the ferris wheel and even sneak in a dirty dagwood dog!!

We are Popping up and dancing at the following times, join us for all or whatever day suits you:

Friday night 31 August 2018 – 7.30pm – 8pm
Saturday – 1 September – 11am then 2pm (20 mins each)
Sunday – 2nd September – 11am then 2pm (20 mins each)

Time to bring out your inner child and join us at the show…


SLX – Sydney Lindy Exchange – A Roadtrip with SWING ON IN

Ray and I and a few others have now booked their plane tickets and their SLX passes and just now looking into AirBnB options.   10 of us so far.. who else is coming?

Mark your Diaries, Book your Holidays Now! Join us at SLX 14-16 September 2018

* Sydneys Longest Running and Most Popular Swing Dance Festival
* 3 Swing Filled Days in beautiful Sydney
* Amazing Bands
* Fabulous DJ’s
* Awesome International Teachers Soochan Lee and Young Kang
* Late Night Themed Parties
* Australian Swing Dance Championships
* Fun Welcoming and Inclusive Environment

The venues are:
Friday Night comp – Balmain Town Hall
Friday Night Late Night – Latin Dance Australia Broadway Glebe
Saturday/Sunday Workshops – Balmain Town Hall
Saturday Night – Petersham Town Hall
Saturday Late Night – Latin Dance Australia
Sunday Night – The Standard Bowl, Taylor Square Darlinghurst

ALL Swing Out Pass (All social events) Full Social Event Pass $125

ALL Hellzapoppin’ Pass -All social & classes Hellzapoppin’ Pass (everything) $290



 PC: Mickey Fortanasce

A Fabulous Article from Home of the Happy Feet   A Blog on Swing Dance by Daniel Newsmen – This is just the intro – click Read More at bottom to go to their page and see all the fabulous video and picture references..  He makes such good sense that we can all relate to and I have highlighted some key messages that I related too..


“The best cartoon wins”.  -Swing The Documentary

There’s a lot of truth in these words for competitors and performers alike.  You have to look the part, be endowed with the traits of the quintessential jitterbug, and you have to become an expression — writ large — of the feeling given by the music you are dancing to.  In this blog entry, I’d like to explore how dancer can use art, specifically animation and illustration for the purpose of inspiring ourselves and embodying the character of the music and the spirit of the Jitterbug.
Our individuality as dancers is only as good as our own ideas. Vladimir Nabakov  is quoted as saying once: I think like a genius, I write like a distinguished author, I speak like a child. For me this relates to dance in the sense that I’ve certainly felt ideas which were great in my head degrading in execution. The ideas in my mind are much better that the ones I’m able to bring out in my body.   Practice, time, more cohesive thought processes, or small nuances improve them, but the picture in my head is always superior.  Further, I think that images are how many of us think — when we think about dance — not in words as much, and when we become imbued with the feelings that music gives us, transcendent feelings, the mind can conjure some pretty grandiose pictures.  The many artists who’ve depicted dance have done a better job in some ways of showing what the mind can imagine compared to what the body can execute, and I think it’s a good place to find inspiration. Build on what others have imagined, use it to feed your mind’s fancies.  Illustrators and Animators alike can make human forms do things real people could only imagine.
As long as there has been music, there has been dancing.  A source of transcendence, community, felt experience. Drawings on cave walls and early dwellings depict dance, and the exaggerated limbs tell us a little something about how the dancer felt.  Bigger than reality.  More extreme, more exaggerated, more animated – beyond physical limitations. So many of the historical forces since then – be it the staid perfectionism of Western music between 1550 and 1900, to the moralistic efforts of prohibition – sought to quell our urges for crazy dancing. Our own desires for perfection can sometimes take the spirit out of the things we do.  Animation and illustration remind us to put it back in.
Dance leading up to the jazz age were all about evenness, perfection, standing tall and straight.  Moving in even timbre to music of even tempo.  All that effort to make everything perfect really bottled up the human spirit, and when the Jazz was made, it all came rushing out in a frenzy of footwork and a brandishing of limbs that was captured on film, but in another way in illustration.
I like to think of the human imagination as silly putty.  Picking up images then contorting them to our own liking in the creative process.  This is a wonderful thing for creativity, inspiration and the creation of stories… but it gets in our way when we’re learning dance. Our inner picture of what our outward body is doing is a deceiving thing.  When we learn movements, we often do them too large, and when we get comfortable with movements, we do them small and less emphatically than we think we are. Virginie Jensen once said to me “Jazz is easy, just take the movement and do it 110% as large as you want to”. Illustration reminds me to find balance between spirit and technique.
In a talk with Brendan Regulinski, New York Lindy Hopper and professional animator, I learned that early in the history of animation, music was used to keep the drawings in time. They used sound signals and cues to keep everything together.  In other words they essentially choreographed a song with drawings, using the beats as landmarks for the animators.
I leave you with a few examples, though I also leave out many from the time period, because they have some racist imagery, ranging from tasteless to outright unacceptable.  I concentrate below on Jazz Era cartoons that we could glean inspiration from, I think it’s good to also realize that animation, in any form, is a good lens through which we can learn about our own dancing.

Swing In The Flowers:


“Swing Dancers, Family and Friends are invited to join us for Swing In The Flowers Picnic Swing Dance”

After the huge Success of our first Swing in The Flowers hosted by Ian Cook and Prime Flowers and Swing On In, we are doing it again!. It was one of those magical days that just linger in your hearts and minds and it was too special not to do again. This time though, we are adding some extra fun elements for all including:

Interacting Flower Arrangement Competition hosted by noe other than our World Champion Florist Judith Little.. She has some fun ideas in mind … stay tuned for that one..

Tractor Rides
Waterfall Visit
Picking Blueberries for your own afternoon tea
Flower Farm Walking Tour
Communal afternoon tea
Tea Dance at the Meerschaum Vale Hall.

This day includes a visit to Ian’s Flower and Blueberry Farms on the Alstonville Plateau, Afternoon Tea and Dancing at a little Community hall at Meerschaum Vale. It is a nice little hall, 110 years old and has seen many community dances in that time. It has a large kitchen, with ovens, hotplates, fridges and freezers and an outside veranda.

It is on Wardell Road the same as the flower Farm and is 5.5 km away or about 6 minutes drive.

BBQ if you want to stick around and dance some more.. details below:

PRIME FLOWERS has been in operation for 21 Years and is now one of the largest flower growers and employers based in the rich farmland of the Alstonville Plateau.

1.00pm: Meet at Prime Flowers, 368 Wardell Road, Alstonville. Guided Tour of the flower processing facilities and flower farm, Flower Arrangement Competition, Tractor Rides, Walking Tour to Water Falls etc…. (Directions Below)

2.30pm: Trip to the Blueberry Farm where you get to pick your own blueberries for your afternoon tea. Please bring a small plate to share as well.

3.00pm: Afternoon Tea at the Community hall at Meerschaum Valel featuring the Blueberries you handpicked smothered in double cream. Tea, Coffee, Water Refreshments supplied. (BYO Alcohol)

3.30pm: Dancing on the beautiful timber floors of the very old Hall. (Picture below)

6.00pm – BBQ Dinner – BYO

What to bring: Shoes for walking around the farm, Dancing Shoes, BYO drinks and BBQ food. – We will have utensils, condiments, serviettes etc on hand for those wanting to use BBQ.

I thought to keep the food simple, blueberries and cream for afternoon tea and BLT’s for dinner and charge $5 a head for food in addition to the $10 charity donation.

Cost: $5 for food and $10 pp for charity… children free and all money goes to The Ovarian Cancer of Australia charity. Payment on the day at the door.

Just let us know by saying “going” on this event page so we can guage numbers for catering purposes.

Direction to flower farm to meet:

Turn off Pacific Hwy onto Bruxner Highway

Take Alstonville Turnoff

Take first exit at roundabout into Daley Street

Turn left onto Wardell Rd

Travel 4 klm.

Entrance in photinia hedge on right.

Hop eto see you al there. Call Ray for any further info: 0408306560



Did you know we have a little You Tube Chanel now and this is where I upload all my weekly dance class recaps and social clips to now so feel free to swing on by and check it out.  I need to add some more to it but its a start… CLICK HERE


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