Is it Time to Join Your Local Swing Dance Class?

Is it Time to Join Your Local Swing Dance Class

At Swing On In on the Gold Coast we like to think of ourselves as a swing movement. We want to get the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW swept up in The Golden Era. We love nothing more than seeing a room full of people dancing, whether it’s the Lindy Hop, Shim Sham, Charleston or St Louis Shag, it truly is an amazing sight to see.

Why should you get caught up in all the swingsational fun?

  • Dance classes can be a little daunting when you turn up without a partner. Not at Swing On In, not only are there a lot of solo swing dancers, we also rotate partners so you get to try out your new skills with a range of different levels.
  • Swing has a unique and distinctive look, but its surprisingly easy to pick up (don’t tell the Swing community I said that). Swing dances have a common theme, so once you’ve picked up one or two you will find it easier and easier to pick up more.
  • The Charleston not only looks great, it can also make you look great with its high energy cardiovascular workout. So, stop slaving away at the gym and come and enjoy a workout with a difference.
  • Swing dance classes are a great place to meet new friends, we are a fun and friendly community that love to swing, and we love a good party!
  • There’s no doubt that swing dancing looks amazing, and this is evident when Swing On In do a public performance, we draw in the crowds. People love to get a glimpse of swing in action.
  • Swing is about fun, there’s no need to hold a pose or structure when you are doing the Charleston, it’s all very natural. The one thing that keeps people coming back is the fun factor.

Dance school where the main rule is to have fun

Call 0408 306 560 and get started with your first swing dance class. Why not see for yourself all the amazing benefits you can get from swing dancing classes. Our dance school on the Gold Coast is a vibrant and energetic place for likeminded people to have fun!

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