How to Change the World Through Swing Dancing

How to Change the World Through Swing Dancing

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Whilst we might not be able to change the world through dancing, our dance school will settle for one life at a time. Seem a little extreme? Maybe not so much. A hobby, a passion and a community of people banding together can almost certainly change lives. A life filled with dance, fitness, Joy, laughter and community is almost certainly a life changed.

In our modern era of technology, we have access to reach our nearest and dearest at anytime and anywhere in the world, but somehow whilst technology has brought us closer in some ways, it has made us lonelier in others.

Whilst most us could not live without our phones when you look back to a time before technology was so accessible (if you’re old enough to remember such a time) you might remember talking to your fellow passengers on the bus or making idle chit chat as you waited in line for the bank teller. Nowadays, people are less likely to look up from their phone whilst on the bus to say hello and friends aren’t made waiting in line anymore.

Bring back community spirit

At Swing On In dance school on the Gold Coast and Bangalow, we want to bring back community, we want to bring back activity and we want to infuse some fun into your life. We live by the mantra, your vibe attracts your tribe and we sure do have a great vibe & tribe in our swing dance community.

Can we change the world through Swing Dance? Absolutely. Let’s bring back the swinging era and let’s have a good time. Bring on the Joy!

Imagine, you’ve had a hard day at work, instead of throwing off your shoes and settling in for a night in front of the TV, you head out to Swing On In on the Gold Coast or Bangalow and instead you fall in love with the energetic, fun, groovy, and sometimes goofy Lindy Hop and other dances of the Big Band Swing Era. Not only are you getting fit, you’re learning a new skill, having fun and meeting new people with a shared passion. Being active is a great way to de-stress and let loose.

A dance school with a difference

Not only will Swing On In provide you with the skills in swing, we also give you the forum to show them off without monthly events. So why not Swing On In to our Gold Coast or Bangalow dance classes and dance parties and help us change the world through swing, one person at a time. Call 0408 306 560 and join the revolution.

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