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    Hello Swing On In-Ers!  Welcome to another Virtual Week!  Does it feel like Ground Hog Day Yet?  It does for us..  We get Up, we get busy working on the studio, selling vintage and peddling wares we no longer need then we clean, mind kids, drink wine and go to bed!  Ding, the alarm goes and here we are again..  So happy to see small baby steps in changes creeping back to a a version of normality, we hop you are all faring OK.    ZOOM Class links below and we will of course try to successfully live stream as well for your purveying pleasure!  

    Here’s whats happening this week in classes.

    As ever, classes remain free but if you feel like donating fee for class then you can do so via Paypal: [email protected] or EFT to  Account Name:  Gold Coast Swing Dancing

    BSB:  034 215 – ACCT:  717 485


    We are skipping the 6 beat and heading straight into 8 beat swing outs – Saddle up and lets go..  Welcome to the new studio..

    Topic: BEGINNERS– Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray – Swing On In

    Time: Jun 2, 2020 07:00 PM Brisbane

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    Password: 3Nwqca

    Now you are already Swinging Out, lets add a phrase of moves to get you moving and relaxing into your dance.

    Topic: Transitions– Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray from Swing On In

    Time: Jun 2, 2020 07:30 PM Brisbane

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    Password: 4xZm5A

    So now lets mix it up a bit and add those 6 & 8 beats together and end with a Pop then we will add on to our Charleston Stroll Routine.

    Topic: Int/AdvVirtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy and Ray from Swing On In

    Time: Jun 2, 2020 08:00 PM Brisbane

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    Password: 3CiTJh



    The take up of Private dance lessons has been really encouraging and I think I can safely say that the guys taking the lessons are getting bang for their buck, walking away with an exploding head (privates can be intense sometimes) and feel like they have crammed 4 weeks into 1.5 hours of one on one learning.  From Beginner to Advanced we are covering it all and tailor the class to what you need.  Want a private lesson?  Email, call or message us and we will make a time.  Cost is $80 per couple and takes about 1.5 hrs from when you arrive to when you leave.

    Stages 2 & 3

    Lots of you are asking when are we coming back.  I have emailed both clubs today to get their timeline to allow us back into the dance halls.  It is more likely going to be Stage 3 rather than now at stage 2.  We can start taking 4 couples at home and having dance nights int he studio for up to 10 pax but until borders and clubs open, our next stage of re-introducing classes will probably next month!  Hang in there, we will get there I promise!   Stay tuned for little house parties (less numbers more frequently) , Some old dance clips, a few drinks and nibbles and some social dancing (with our own partners of course)…

    Til then and as eva,
    Swingin Regards
    Chrissy & Ray xx

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