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We want to acknowledge our deep pain and show our support to stand in solidarity for the Black Lives Matter Movement.  As Lindy Hoppers (Swing Dancers) of 25 years we respect and give thanks every day for the joy of their Black Dance gifted to us and taught to us by the most generous of human beings.  We listened to many stories by our teachers Frankie Manning and Norma Miller and many many more who shared their stories of racism and injustice as black performers in the 30’s, 40’s & 50’s and beyond and although I can’t ever truly imagine or understand I do stand in solidarity to make change.  #blacklivesmatter

In this Newsletter:
  • Next Stages;
  • Zoom Class Details for Tuesday;
  • Private Lessons
  • Free Zoom Live with me on how to do Victory Rolls;

Next Stages:

We have been in contact with the guys at Mermaid Beach Bowls Club and the Bangalow Bowlo about their thoughts on Swing On In Returning to dance classes.  Both are so eager to have us all back and are thinking Stage 3 (Around 10 July) we can start back again.  Obviously this is a moving target and we are at the mercy of the Qld Government Advice (Which we will follow) but am doing all the necessary courses and learnings in readiness.  On the Covid Safe Road Map site it says:

Stage 3: from 10 July 2020

This stage is focussed on returning to more normal operation:

  • gatherings of up to 100 people
  • community sport (contact and non-contact)
In addition to doing the required COVID Training and Work Health and Safety Training, some of the things you will notice when we do finally get back to class..
1.  There will be hand sanitises and surface sanitiser sprays at the front desk;
2.  We ask that you wash hands prior to arriving to class;
3.  Do not come to class is you are feeling unwell;
4.  You will need to attend class with and stay with your own dance partner (no rotations);
5.  There will only be certain numbers allowed (these will be advised later) – So there may need to be a booking service – TBA;
6.  You will need to bring the right money – no change will be given.  All cash will go into a box and I’ll launder it later 🙂 haha!;
7.  Due to low numbers being allowed back to class (for now) we think we may increase the class fee to $20pp (just until things get back to normal) to cover our costs;
8.  There is a new sign in sheet (mandatory from Qld Health contact tracing) that we will use and you will need to supply your name address and mobile..  We encourage you to bring your own pen.  We will not disclose any of this information and the information can be destroyed after 56 days I believe.
9.  We encourage you to all download the Covid safe app but as this is voluntary we will not forcing that issue – its up to you.
10.  Although we all will want to, we need to advise you that hugging, kissing, handshakes and familiar gestures of hello as once enjoyed are now discouraged for the time being so please try and respect the 1.5 mar physical distancing outside of your own dance partnership.

until then,  Lets continue to Zoom together!



BEGINNERS CLASS : Celebrating the 8 beat Swing Out and Circles and heading straight into flowing swing dance….

Topic: BEGINNERS – Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray
Time: Jun 9, 2020 07:00 PM Brisbane

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Password: 2ZYm6y

TRANSITION CLASS: Along with the Shim Sham, Tonights class will be a neat little mini pattern you can tuck into your armour of dance patterns to practice and pull out of the hat on the dance floor.

Topic: Transitions – Virtual swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray
Time: Jun 9, 2020 07:30 PM Brisbane

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Password: 4Z1t3u

INT/ADV: Lets Speed things up a bit shall we.. Going to throw in some up tempo moves you can really get moving to.. Grab your Sweat Bands!

Topic: Int/Adv – Virtual Swing Dance Class with Chrissy & Ray
Time: Jun 9, 2020 08:00 PM Brisbane

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Password: 3HEUpt

Private Lessons:

We have been chuffed at the take up of private one on one lessons with us in the new studio.  $80 for couple and takes about 1.5 Hrs and you get a tailored, driven and focussed approach to your swing dancing.  Call, email or message us if you wish to book in.  Days available are, Wednesday evening, Thursday & Friday anytime, Sunday evenings.  Thanks for the support.

Free Zoom Class on how to do Victory Rolls for the Swing Gals…

As part of a wider Swing Patrol London, Berlin, Sydney and Melbourne initiative, I have been asked to do a Live Session via Zoom on how to achieve Victory Rolls for Swing Dancers…

Live with Miss Chrissy of @lindycharmschool – FRIDAY 26 JUNE AT 7PM

Come learn the secret sauce and the silent skill set to get those Perfect Victory Rolls in a jiffy!.  In this Live I will show you some cheats plus the authentic way to create those sweeps & rolls… I  may also throw in the creative art of tying a Turban for when you are having a bad hair day and you are late for the dance! Join me in the Salon on Friday 26 June 2020 at 7pm
(Zoom lotion details will be available soon) – Will list in next newsletter and also on FB event.


E: [email protected]

M:  0409727888

Til then,

Swinging Regards to you all

Chrissy & Ray xxx

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