The Benefits of Belonging to a Dancing Community

Bringing people together who share a common interest, belonging to a dance community can have a myriad of benefits. Here are the top reasons why you should belong to your local dance community.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Dancing Community

It’s Great Exercise

Dancing is a great way to keep fit and enjoy fun ways of including cardio into your daily lives. Dancing has been proven to increase your strength, stamina and flexibility, encourage good posture, body control and awareness and physical confidence. All of which you get to do while having fun, learning a new skill and socialising with a great group of people.

It’s Great for Your Brain

Dancing has been proven among researchers as the only physical activity capable of reducing your risk of dementia (similar to the way cognitive activities do). Learning and practicing dance requires the use of multiple parts of your brain to work at the same time, which can improve your brain power, mental sharpness, coordination and even your attention span.

It Builds Great Memories

You never remember the times you sat on your couch watching TV. No, the times you remember the most are usually when you are out doing an activity. Dancers have a community of like-minded people that they get to build lasting memories and freindships with. It gives you something great to share with others outside of the dance school, giving to them the joy of dance.

The memories that you build through dance and with your local dancing community will last a lifetime. Every moment you dance will be a moment you will cherish, a joy that you remember and a friendship you hold dear.

Over the years, Swing On In dance school has proudly initiated and nurtured a unique and fun group of Swing dance enthusiasts from in and around the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. We welcome you to come along anytime to one of our regular swing dance social events or attend a class at our swing dance school where you can join in for social dancing.

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