Back to School! New year.. New Possibilities! – Swing On In to 2024 with us!

As our summer workshops come to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the incredible energy and passion that filled our studio over the past two weekends. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended – your dedication and enthusiasm made each workshop an exhilarating experience!
From the jump in a jam circle to the infectious joy of the Shim Sham, Nutini Jazz routine, and the iconic Broadway routine, the rich man’s frug by Bob Fosse, we danced, laughed, and sweated our way through it all. Special thanks to the fabulous Amanda for leading us through a tap dancing routine to Barbie – a true highlight!
Looking ahead, we have some exciting events lined up for the coming week:


1. Back-to-School Dance:

Date: Friday, 26 January
Time: 1 pm (NSW time)
Venue: Kingscliff Community Hall
Admission: $10 donation to Beauties Feeling Fabulous
Join us for a fantastic afternoon of dancing, featuring multiple DJs and plenty of fun!

2. Swingin’ at Main Beach:

Date: Sunday, 28 January
Time: 2pm
Venue: YOT Deck, Main Beach (The old Fishermans Wharf)
Enjoy dancing the afternoon away to The Well Swung  Daddies band. Don’t miss out on the good vibes!

And, of course, we’re diving back into classes next week:

3. Mermaid Beach Bowls Club Classes:

Date: Wednesday, 31 Jan
Time: Beginners at 6:30 pm
Location: Mermaid Beach Bowls

4. Mullumbimby Classes:

Date: Thursday, 1 Feb
Time: Beginners at 6:45 pm
Location: Mullumbimby ex Services Club


🎶 Swing On In Presents: “Dance in a Day” Workshop with Chrissy & Ray 🎶


Ever dreamt of mastering Lindy Hop? Join us for a morning of swinging basics and energetic Charleston kicks, where Harlem’s Lindy Hop takes center stage. Whether you’re a total beginner or aiming to refine your skills, this workshop caters to all dance enthusiasts!


Sunday, February 18th, 2024
10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Our Home Studio (Address provided upon registration)


$50 per person


– Comfortable attire
– Flat, non-grip shoes
– Hand towel
– Water bottle
– Snack/Lunch (short breaks included)
– Low-scent deodorant


Discover the art of partnered swing dancing as you delve into the Lead and Follow roles. No partner? No problem! We’ll be rotating partners, fostering a social dance environment. Embrace the freedom to choose your role, breaking away from gender norms. Our class kicks off with solo warm-up movements and a basic footwork pattern, setting the stage for additional moves. Questions are encouraged, and a supportive learning environment is guaranteed.


**Register by emailing us and we will send you further details.


Looking forward to seeing all our loyal Swing Dance community/family back again and don’t forget to invite your friends or someone new as their first class and beginners is free to give him a taster!


Exciting news: We’re putting together our 2024 troupe dancers! If you’re keen to be part of our performance troupe – whether in the all-girls troupe or partnered troupe – come chat with me. Your passion for swing dance could shine on stage!


Get ready for a cracker of a year filled with laughter, dance, and unforgettable moments. We can’t wait to share the dance floor with you throughout 2024!

– Web: swingonin.com.au
– Mobile: 0409 727 888
– Email: [email protected]
– Facebook: SWING On In
– Instagram: @swing_on_in
– TikTok: @swing_on_in
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Chrissy & Ray

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