Troupe – What is it? Which Troupe should I join?


We have two different types of Troupe dancers:

*  The Swing On In Social Dancers;
*  The Swing On In Trouperific Dancers.

Whats The Difference?:

Our Social Dancers troupe are not required to learn a routine but rather they are encouraged to improve their Lead and Follows and Social dancing skills by attending at least one of our classes per week and committing to extra practice time i.e.: on a Monday night at our Social Dance Proactice nights at Nerang or out on the social dance floor each week.  We regularly get asked to activate spaces for council, festivals etc and from time to time get paid for corporate gigs.  If you would like to join the Swing On In Social Dancers, let me know and I will add you to the FB private group we have to share whats happening or what events are coming up that we need dancers for.  These events are always entertaining, different experience and we get to dance is some strange places.  One thing is for sure, every walks away saying, “What a great day or night or event!”  You don’t need to have a regular dance partner as you dance with who is available on the dance, hence having a requirement for great lead and follow and social dancing techniques..


The Trouperific Dancers are a dynamic dance team who trains on a Monday Night with us (At this stage only fortnightly).  They are learn set routines with lifts, jumps and aerials.  If you would like to join this troupe you will need to find yourself/arrange a partner to train with, commit to Monday night Fortnightly (At this stage, this will increase) training, you must still attend your regular weekly class with us and be committed to perform when available for festivals, events or gigs, paid and unpaid. – Contact me if interested and I can join you to our private FB group.

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