St Louis Shag

Ray and I learnt this dance from the World Lindy Hop Hall of Famers “”Sylvia Sykes and Jonathon Bixby (Jonathon has since passed away) back in the early 90’s.  The style they taught us is slightly different to what you mostly see on the floor now which is why it is unique and once you learn it you can throw it in at any time in your lIndy Hop and wow the audiences with something a little different!

The St Louis Shag is another great partnered swing dance, derived from the Charleston. It is commonly danced to music with a fast tempo, making this style a good choice for a social and party atmosphere. A wonderful and fun dance that everyone should have as part of their swing dance repertoire. Chrissy & Ray will be sharing their passion for St Louis Shag in this workshop.

Thank you to Swing Patrol Brisbane for having us as your guest teachers to share some of the St Louis Shag we love so much.  Mixing it up Top and Tail with our Lindy Hop was just the ticket.

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