The Health Benefits of Swing Dancing

The Health Benefits of Swing Dancing

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At Swing On In on the Gold Coast and Norther NSW we’re about more than just swing dance classes. We think of ourselves as more than just a dance school; we want to bring community spirit back after all your vibe attracts your tribe and we have a pretty awesome tribe therefore a pretty awesome Vibe!

Anyone can learn to dance and it’s never too late, taking the first step to join our dance school is the first step in joining a fun and energetic community.

Swing On In for unbelievable benefits

You are only as old as you feel, and at Swing On In we feel great!! Reliving the roaring 20’s, the sassy 30’s and the swinging 40’s right through to the rockin 50’s, we guarantee to help keep you light and limber on your toes. Feel young at heart with a great cardiovascular workout whilst you learn the Shim Sham, Balboa Dance and the St Louis Shag. You’ll be so involved in the music and the atmosphere that you won’t even realise you’ve been exercising.

Physical activity can improve your health and reduce the chance of developing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. The long-term health benefits that come from exercise are unparalleled, and so is the feeling it gives you. Why not swing yourself to health with a dance class with a difference?

Mental health is an important part of our welfare, and friendships and community have a big effect on our emotional wellbeing. Loneliness can be crippling, and it’s hard to break the cycle. At Swing On In we want everyone to feel part of our community; you don’t have to be outgoing, just turn up. The atmosphere at Swing On In is infectious and you can join in with as little or as much as you like. Nothing like a little joy to get those endorphins flowing.

A sense of community and a real sense of belonging is what we value and it’s a bonus that we all get to swing our way through life. Learning dances such as the Lindy Hop, Shim Sham, Balboa Dance and St Louis Shag you will form friendship for life.

Dance classes and so much more

Why not see or yourself. We have dance classes in Bangalow in NSW and on the Gold Coast, so we can at least get Northern NSW, the Gold Coast and Brisbane into the swing era. Call 0408 306 560 or come on down to our dance studio and be part of a fun and friendly crowd.

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