The day was HOT, the bump in sweaty, the cool breeze starts to set in..

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The Day was HOT… The bump in sweaty, the cool breeze starts to set in and WOW..

A Little Party Never Killed nobody was certainly a night to remember.  There is something to be said about dancing under the stars, its so very decadent.  Add in the stylish guests, the Dapper Gents, The Society Girls, The Flappers and the general public who were just enamoured by the sights and sounds of this event.  Swing On In hosted one of the the best parties of the year and I’m not just saying that, we heard it all night long BUT, we were just lucky all the elements came together. The venue and support and foresight from The Brisbane Powerhouse and in particular Veronica Neave, the Wonderland Producer, The WEATHER.. Oh My Goodness, balmy with a breeze,  it was delicious!.  The wafting of yummy food from the food trucks was mouth watering, The Band Yas Queen was amazing and so so very talented, Swing A Billy Ray was on form and fabulous as usual and my hosting skills… well.. lets just say.. I had a lot of fun!!  BUT,  it was you dancers that made the night.  They came from far and wide and from all dance schools under one amazing sky.  We danced, we laughed, drank cocktails and danced some more!!  THANK YOU for coming along and making the night so successful…  So many highlights but for me, the Shim Sham under the starts, the impromptu Jam for Yas Queens’ last tune, and of course!  The AFTER PARTY.  wow… At one point I looked up and saw some some of our Bangalow Dancers Nick and Laura dancing on the mezzanine high above us and others too were dancing in the hallways, the foyers and of course on the dance floor.. No One wanted to end but end it did, 1230 came around way too fast.  hmmm.. what’s next for Swing On In.. Well stay tuned, we are always cookin up somethin fun to do!
Until then, we have a couple more gigs before we break for christmas so come along and dance some more!

End of Year Dance Parties:

We Need dancers at each of the events with *** next to it for promo/social dance/activating spaces if you could please try and come to some of these.

Friday 7th December: LAST Friday Night Nerang Social Dance Party Ever!  Lets say goodbye to this little gem of a hall with a full house of dancers!

Wednesday 12th December: Last Class for SOI Bangalow for 2018 – Beginner Class at 7pm and a Rueda & Shim Sham then Social dancing for the rest of the night!

Thursday 13th December:Last Class for SOI Gold Coast for 2018 – Beginner Class at 7pm and a Rueda & Shim Sham then Social dancing for the rest of the night!

Friday 14th December: Last Banaglow Dance Party for 2018 with Sebastiaan crooning our tunes and SwingABilly Ray and DJ Mark filling the gaps with some awesome Lindy Hop tracks to keep you dancing.

*** Sunday 16th December:  Rockabilly, Beers and BBQ Festival:  FREE Event – Details Here:  A huge day of Rockabilly live bands, beer and Bbq to die for. FREE entry. 3pm – 8pm – 18 Junction Rd, Burleigh Featuring The Sugarshakers and B Daddy & the double D’s and Swing On In Dancers

*** Friday 21 December: Currumbin Sanctuary Markets:   6pm – 7.30pm – FREE… Join us as we take the most perfect dance floor amongst the community of people partaking in the fun, the food, the wine and the ambience of the Currumbin Sanctuary Markets. Enveloped in the serenity of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, These markets are so very popular, packed and fun ! Full of delight.. Join Swing On In as we take the floor for nearly 2 hours of social dancing, delighting, entertaining and indulging in the dance we love the most, The Lindy Hop, to the greatest of Swing Tunes! Every Dancer welcome.. Lets Take the Floor Together and entertain and show the guests how to dance, laugh, play and have fun with Swing Dancing!  BRING THE JOY! ***FRIDAY 21 DECEMBER,***FRIDAY 11 JANUARY,***FRIDAY 8 FEBRUARY,  Swingabilly RayGuest DJ, Lovely Dance Floor, Licensed Venue, Food & Bev Available,  Family Friendly FB Event HERE:


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