Swing On In Dancer Profile – Miss Tina-Louise King

Name, Rank & Serial Number to start..
Tina-Louise King aka Miss Tina Von Squeeze

How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.
I was a bit of a Rockabilly in Sydney back in the 80’s (yes I’m that old), but had kind of fallen out of the whole scene as I got older and started having kids…as you do. After moving to the Gold Coast 14 years ago, I discovered Wintersun and loved seeing all the vintage cars, clothes and music. It sparked up my interest again – so I took some RocknRoll dance classes. I never knew about swing dancing until I saw some swing dancers at a club one night and I loved it! After that night, and a few “reds”, I decided to try out swing dancing 2 years ago and I’ve never looked back. It’s now my Happy Place!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?
I work as a Senior Designer for a Sports Swimwear brand on the Gold Coast. I design their fabrics and create ranges, as well as manage the website, take photos and spend way too much time on social media haha. I also enjoy painting and drawing for myself when i get a spare 5 minutes ?

Tell us something random about you!
I used to be a professional Tarot Reader and had a Psychic Line!

If you were a Swing Move, What wold it be?
A Promenade! I love the idea of strolling along a promenade with a handsome lead on my arm and it sounds very swish! haha.

How would you describe your style of dancing?
I think I’ve passed the “deer in the headlight” stage, but I would say probably “energetic”?!

Whats your Fav Movie?
I love Tim Burton films….”Edward Scissorhands” is one of my all time fave’s…plus it has Johnny Depp

What’s your fav swing tune?
Mamma Don’t Like by Smiley Lewis – it makes me want to get up and dance!

What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?
I love the 40’s and early 50’s. WWII Warbird Pinup girls, Betty Page, Gil Elvgren Pinup Art, movie stars like Jane Russell

Who would you nominate to be profiled next?
Nicola Matt Jones

What’s your favoritie quote on life?

My fave quote is “never eat more than you can lift”, Miss Piggy


Thanks Miss Tina Louise.. So Modest, can I also add that this chick is a Cancer survivor, Cancer Warrior Woman and a mean Photographer as well, she has raised a bunch of boys to be super generous with their life/talents and times to those less fortunate.. She’s one inspiring woman! 

Thanks Tina for being a part of the Swing On In community.  

Chrissy & Ray x

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