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We have sooo much talent amongst our Swing On In Dancers, from Olympic Medalists to Chefs to small business owners, writers, coaches, painters, architects, School Teachers (Lots of those!), nurses, doctors and everything in between…. Ray and I have always been about networking and connecting people so I’m happy to be finally getting to this little project and are even more happy to share our first Swing On In Dancer Profile for your enjoyment..

Name, Rank & Serial Number to start..
Danielle Read
Soup enthusiast.
How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.
I used to live near a pub that had a great reputation for bad car park parties. As a loyal member of these boozy gatherings, one weekend I wandered into what appeared to be a car show-which is not particularly my cup of tea (I’m more of a peppermint girl). Little did I know- this Rods and Rockabilly gig would expose me to the wonderland that is Swing Dancing and, in fact, change my life! Circle skirts, lacquered lips and a double bass- I was sold! “You should check out Swing on In” said a voice from the crowd who was eagerly grinning at my partner who had stolen a lady in red to twirl around. Evident from our attempts, it was decided that we did, in fact, really need dance lessons! Nervously we attended our first class- me wearing dusted off work out wear and grippy shoes (rookie!), Paul in shorts and sneakers. So quickly we fell in love with the dancing, the music, the community of wondrous people- and of course, Chrissy and Swingabilly!
Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?
I’m founder of Readcity- a freelance writing business based on the Gold Coast. I work with small businesses to increase their online presence through digital marketing, social media strategies and writing articles- among other things! I really love the challenges of running my own business and the adventures of working with new clients. My favourite part of the job is creating content in collaboration with business owners and celebrating their successes! I’m also a drummer for Leather on Leopard- oh, and did I mention that I love soup?
Tell us something random about you!
I can’t straighten my right arm because I broke it at 7. You guessed it, falling off a fence!
If you were a Swing Move, What wold it be?
A Texas Tommy for sure. A little bit sneaky and easy to wind up.
How would you describe your style of dancing?
My style of dancing sticks to the recipe. I find it difficult to add an extra teaspoon of sugar or one yolk too many. One day I hope to chuck in a few raisins and maybe even some chocolate chips! I don’t veer far from the rules, if you didn’t quite get where I was going with that…
Whats your Fav Movie?
Favourite movie is undoubtedly My Best Friend’s Wedding. Julie Roberts and Cameron Diaz. How can you go past that dream team?
What’s your fav swing tune?
Hooked on Swing, Larry Elgart and His Manhattan Swing Orchestra!
What is your fashion influences/eras/icons?
I love a range of fashion eras- from 30s-50s vintage styling to 70s and 80s glam rock. I really love Betty Page and think she was pretty gutsy in experimenting with fashion- her signature bangs and safari bikinis! My best friend Monique (Fashion Designer and Founder of Chip The Teacup) inspires me to leap from my comfort zone and never fear standing out in a crowd. Chrissy has also had a big influence on creating my swing style- showing that any thing can be possible!
Who would you nominate to be profiled next?
What’s your favoritiet quote on life?
It’s okay to be the only person on the dance floor.

THANKS DANI…  Readers, if you need any copywriting done or just some great stories for your business, pleasure. Look Danielle up:  READCITY

Til next month, … See you on the dance floor,

Chrissy & Ray
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