Is your hair a lethal weapon on the dance floor?

Do you have long luscious locks that most of us envy who don’t?  Are you a Lindy Hopper or partner dancer of any dance?  Chances are you are you have worn your gorgeous mane in a ponytail to dance once or twice…yes?  Well, you might not know or realise that your pony tail can (at times) whip a lead in the face or if you have been dancing a lot and are quite hot and sweaty then your hair may even be wet when it swipes across one’s cheek!

After witnessing a fair whip to a leads face recently I thought it might be timely to remind our longer haired dancers about the courtesy and etiquette of hairstyles for the partner dance..This is as much for the men as for for the ladies…  Especially in a dance world where leads and follows can be anyone… (men.. think Man bun)

Excerpt from the Etiquette and Floorcraft Article from  SWUNGOVER …..”Your hair-cut may be likely to fling sweat on your partner. Sometimes even into their mouths. Or, if it’s very long, it may whip them as you turn. If your hair cut is susceptible to these, use sweat towels or hair bands accordingly…. ”

I thought I might share with you some long haired styling options to avoid such a problem… If you don’t know how to achieve any of these hairstyles then why not come along to one of my hands on vintage hair styling workshops and get some hands on tips and tricks and the easy ” how to’s”.. Brisbane and Gold Coast workshops coming up in June/July.  Subscribe to my newsletter here and be the first to hear about dates and venues when released…


Check a quick little video clip on how to wrap and roll and get ready to swing on that dance floor.  CLICK HERE   You can purchase these on my website HERE

There are ways to still have you hair down but fashioned in a way that they don’t become the Pony Tail Lethal Weapon.. Just ask me how.. .

Til next time,


Swinging Regards,

Miss Chrissy x


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