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1.  The Harvest Moon Swing Ball – Next Lot of Tickets?
2.  Regular Swing Dance Classes
3.  Swing On In Regular Socials
4.  Swing On In Special Occassion Events
5.  The Greater Swing Dance Community Socials
6.  Workshops
7.   Swing Fit Promo – We Need You.
8.  Greazefest
9.  Bleach Festival
10. Dance Troupe

1.:The Harvest Moon Swing Ball at Cooly Rocks On:

WOW.. The first lot of 150 tickets sold out in a matter of 2 hours I hear!  I hope you have all registered to receive notification when the next lot will be released for sake.  I will send out an Email, FB Post and Insta post the moment I find out when the next lot are on sale.  Its a HOT TICKET!   JUMP ON IT.. PS: The ticket price INCLUDES the AFTER PARTY! More on that later..  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR TICKETS

2:  This weeks Classes:

Not taking advantage of the normality of dance class life, feeling blessed and grateful that we are lucky to be covid safe and offering structured partner dancing and socials like we have always done but always reminding everyone to stay at home if sick and please wash hands between classes.

Gold Coast – Mermaid Beach Bowls Club – 7pm to 10pm – No Partner Required, No Experience Necessary

Mullumbimby – Ex Servicesmans Club – 58 Dalley st – 7pm to 10pm – No Partner Required, No Experience Necessary

3.  Swing On In Regular Socials

GOLD COAST1st Friday of Each Month – Mermaid Beach Bowls Club – (unless there is a special occasion event that w are putting on instead)
NEXT:   FRIDAY 7TH OF MAY – 7pm – Door Entry by Donation for artists  – Special Guest DJ’s and Special Songbird “Miss Charlotte”  entertaining the troupes!  See you there.  THEME:  “JOY”

MULLUMBIMBY:  – 3rd Friday of Each Month – Mullum Ex Servicemans Club – 58 Dalley St – 7pm – Door Entry by Donation for artists.
NEXT:  FRIDAY 21st MAY – 7pm – Door Entry by Donation for artists.   Special Guest DJ’s and Scholtens of Swing (Yes play on words) – Mr Sebastiaan Scholtens, Mr Rhydian Lewis and our new Songstress Miss Maxi.

4.  Swing On In Special Events

SATURDAY 8 MAY 2021 – 7PM:   The Hot Potato Band – Social Get Together

NB: This is event is being put on by BBQ Bazaar Burleigh.SWING DANCERS!!! We have bought our tickets, now its time to get yours (Link below). Join us to dance, sing, enjoy this fabulous Band. A Swing On In Get together/social and dancing fun event.I called the venue and yes we can dance. Surface only concrete BUT who cares, when the vibe is vining you know we dance anywhere! Join us..We got our tickets here: http://tickets.oztix.com.au/…/48f4dd03-6965-46e5-9997…

Saturday 28 August – RUN FOR COVER!!! – BLITZ II is on..  Get Tickets HERE

It’s happening again. Tickets live. Don’t miss out. Limited! All Girl Band “The Code Breakers” .. Epic night assured!FB event: https://fb.me/e/dfKg4wBkk

Run for cover! The Blitz Party is nearly here!BUT… What do I wear?? This event will be one to remember and getting your outfit sorted is definitely part of the fun..  

Taking place in The Vaults of Mo’s Desert Clubhouse which has been transformed to create an air-raid shelter feel, a cavernous den that contains more alcoholic provisions and Blitz spirit than Churchill’s bunker, this night will recreate the wartime glamour of 1940s wartime. Victory curled ladies and uniformed soldiers can expect a night of live music, classic cocktails and 40s-style revelry.

Live band “The Code Breakers” will perform a repertoire of 40s classics and modern favourites remixed to resemble the style of the era, the perfect soundtrack for land girls and the home guard to cut a rug on the dance floor.

OK, so I want to give you the inside skinny on what generally would have been worn to an air raid shelter…, not that I was there mind you but watch enough movies, read enough books and live and breath the era of the early 1940’s you do learn a lot.  Here are my 5 tips on how to find that perfect outfit:

  1. It’s gonna be HOT..  Sooo, whatever costume you think of then make sure it is breathable, comfortable and dance practical..
  2. Research London Blitz Air Raid Shelter – Australian Fashion WWII  1940-1942 – Pinterest Images are great Search Air Raid Shelter WWII blitz fashion
  3. Imagine some of these scenarios and let you imagination run wild:  you are at one sleeping and the air raid siren screams out, what are you wearing?
  • Maybe you are in your PJ’s? Smoking Jacket just about to retire?
  • Maybe you are an Air Raid Warden getting ready for the night shift?
  • Maybe you have just returned from a dance and still have your dancing clobber on?
  • Maybe you are service personnel (Army, Airforce, Navy, WAAF, AWLA, Red Cross etc)
  • Maybe you are the homemaker still in your apron after dinner and cleaning up?
  • Maybe you are Rosie the Riveter and just home from a day at the munitions factory?
  • Maybe you have just returned home from a Gala Red Carpet evening wearing a stunning floor length 1940’s gown?

Where to look?

Army Disposal/Camping Store

Camp Hill Antique Centre

Op Shops

Costume Hire

Make Something

Get crafty and make an arm band and a Tin Hat

Research Australian War Effort pictures and see what homeland services where wearing (Australian Womens Land Army for instance wore Khaki dungarees a top and Do Rag with hardy Boots and red lippy!)

Google some  images to spark your imagination:

Air Raid Warden

Land Girl

Home Maker

Rosie the Riveter Munitions Factory Worker

1940’s dancing couple

Hollywood Glam

Red Cross Nurse

5. The Greater Swing Dance Community Socials:

Thanks Trang for putting this together:

RECREATIONAL STRUCTURED PARTNER DANCE (RSPD) a.k.a. “SOCIAL DANCING” GUIDE• Below is a signpost to known “social dancing” events as hosted by local/nearby swing dance schools.• Always check individual event details for all the latest (most up to date) information on the operation of said events.

• Remember to stay safe, look after each other, and happy dancing!

[_] SWING ON IN (Social Dance)
1st Friday of the month – Gold Coast
3rd Friday of the Month – Mullumbimby


[_] DANCE THE BLUES (Juke Joint)
1st Saturday of the month


[_] EMPIRE SWING (Swing Shack)
2nd Friday of the month


[_] CORNER POCKET SWING (Pocket Dance)
3rd Friday of the month


[_] GOTTA SWING (Swing Under The Sails)
3rd Saturday of the month


[_] SEASIDE SWING (RSPD)4th Saturday of the month (as per newsletter)

6. Workshops:

Ray and I will be running a couple of Sunday workshops for specific jazz dances like Mama Stew and The Charleston Stroll etc in the coming months.  We will conduct them in both Mullumbimby and Gold Coast.   Ray and I will also be running a beginners aerials workshop as well…  Dates TBA..  Looking at June/July/August..   In the meantime… You can always register to attend one of Swing Patrol Sunshine Coasts workshops – Details can be found on their website HERE

7.  Swing Fit: SUNDAY 9TH OF MAY 3.30PM – Promo Video

We are looking for people (anyone) to come along on SUNDAY 9TH OF MAY (Yes I know its Mothers day) at 3.30pm for 1 hour to do a Swing Fit Class (Free) so we can do another video promo but INSIDE the venue this time so it reflects the actual lake we do it each week.   Northern Pavillion Broadwater Parklands Southport (Next to White Chapel) …..Open to all ages, fitness levels and looks, trying to appeal to the mass so come as you are and Have a go and have some fun with us.

Swing Fit is about having fun whilst getting fit. Activating the mind and the body, improving co-ordination and balance.Swing Fit will keep you smiling whilst you are working at it all! A choreographed series of Jazz and Swing Dance Steps done to the fabulous sounds of Big Bands, Jazz, Neo Swing and Modern Swinging sounds.

8.  Greazefest

The GreazeFest is the ‘must-do’ event for kustom kulture devotees in the Southern Hemisphere. Held at the Redland Showgrounds in Cleveland on the outskirts of Brisbane, the GreazeFest is a full tilt weekend of cool cars, rockabilly bands and djs, vintage bikes, lowrider cycles, low brow art, pinstripers, tattoos and vintage threads.Next event dates: Friday July 30 to Sunday August 1, 2021.All info here: www.greazefest.com

POPPING up at Greazefest this year, Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School and her team will be offering Vintage Styling Hair and Makeup to the masses and also selling off some of her private collection vintage.Situated next to the Greazefest Art Show Saturday 31 and Sunday 1st all day.Best to call or email to book in but we are also taking walk ins as time permits too.

Full Vintage hair and Makeup – $60
Vintage Hair Only – $40
Vintage Makeup Only – $40
Email:  [email protected]
Mob:  0409727888

9.  Bleach Festival  

Swing On In has a long and creatively good fun history with Bleach Festival from performing in the streets of Burleigh to Stylings for the stand up paddle boarders for a feature on the Currumbin waters to the pinnacle thus far .. Welcoming 7000+ athletes from around the Commonwealth to the Athletes Village and Gold Coast for the 2018 comm Game.  But our atari with Bleach doesn’t stop there, we were proudly a part of the Inaugural Annual Dance Affair (The 1st one) that has gone on to be a sensation around Australia and most recently were asked back to dance every night at twilight n stage at Chez Nous Chevron Island.  We are so blessed and humbled to be a part of something so culturally rich h and so (in Mayor Ton Tates Words) Quintessentially Gold Coast.  

10.  Dance Troupe:

Our dance troupe is absolutely open to ANYONE that has the dedication of time, passion for the dance, willingness to work hard and have a dance partner you can practice with. 

Our troupe, apart from performing when we are lucky enough to at events, festivals & corporate gigs, has been formed to promote Lindy Hop and showcase & expose this fabulous dance to more people.  It’s not always about lifts and jumps and throws, thats just the photographic flash and fun, there are so many light and shade and cool swinging moments in our social dancing that grab the attention of all.  A wide and varied bunch we are and will continue to grow.  Get onboard and join the fastest growing Swing Dance Community around.

Until your re ready, just dance, learn, practice and social dance at every occasion with as many people as you can, thats how you get better! 

See at class and catch up on the dance floor for a social dance or two.. 

A little bit of history Gold for you:Mama Lu Parks (Creator of the dance Mama Stew) which we will learn in an upcoming workshop .. This documentary featuring Al Mins and his dance partner Sugar.  Great old footage and some insight into the Savoy Ballroom Days and how a mistake in an aerials move creates once of the most iconic aerials of today.  CLICK HERE:

Swingin Regards

Chrissy & Ray xx

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