Whats your Recipe for Delivering a Successful Event?

Idea: Lightbulb moment of a creative idea the we start asking ourselves questions like: Is there an appetite for this type of event?

Whats your RECIPE for a successful event? Where does it start for you? Whats the process? Organising and running your own events are risky especially in this world climate… As most of our events are pitched to our own sub culture community and fringe public, we usually have an idea of the potential success of it from the get go, so, although still risky, we try to mitigate that risk by creating events that are exciting, interesting and we know people will want to come too.

Date: Whats the best date/timings for this event?

Venue: We look for a venue that can be transformative, cost effective and easy to work with. As most of our events are dance events and novelty/themed parties with live music, we are always looking for venues that have great acoustics, staging & lighting already there.   It’s also a plus to have a licensed venue or ability to run the bar yourself. 

Budget: Once venue and date are pencilled in we work out budget.. Once we know this figure we can work out ticket prices and how many guests we need to book to make it viable. 

Entertainment: Absolutely essential to any of our successful events is the entertainment! Paramount! You pick a clanger of entertainment line up and you can forget next events success. Our formula is usually Headline Band, Amazing DJ & salt n pepper with extraordinary talent to tantalise and delight guests in between!

Vibe: Create the vibe/themed narrative from the get go.. from the release marketing, ticket sales, entry experience and continue on for the entire night right up to lights out as you wave goodbye to the last guest.  Your Vibe will attract your Tribe!

Team: Create a great team around you to enhance the customer experience, to support you, to make everything seamless. A great team can trouble shoot anything without letting on that there is a problem. 

Capture: A great Photographer and Videographer.. There is so much hard work that goes into events and you want to capture every moment of the fun of night so you can use this as a marketing tool for future events.

Ray and I from @SwingOnIn and @LindyCharmSchool have been delivering our own successful events as well as creating and managing events for Government, Council, Corporate and Private clients for 25 years. I can’t recall any failures. I can recall monetary losses, and many mistakes we have made but none of those events we would consider failures as we learned so much along the way and you know what? hand on heart, we can say whether its was 10 people of 1000 people every guest had a blast and went away saying, that was fun! 

Here’s to many more successful and fun events for us and for all of you out there in the “Creating Memorable Events Space”

Anyone out there that has been to one of our events? Comment below on your experiences.

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