Who’s ready to get back on the dance floor? We Are!! Wanna Shag? Collegiate Shag That Is! This weeks spotlight for you!

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Covid update and this weeks classes for Gold Coast and Mullumbimby…
* Don’t come if unwell or have been in a hot spot;
* Wear masks to and from club and whilst moving around in the club. Don’t need to wear a mask if seated, eating, drinking or exercising;
* Check in and sanitise regularly;
Leave straight after class – no mingling and socialising.
See you all Tuesday and Thursday Night and for a treat I am teaching Collegiate Shag this week for advanced class! Get ready to work up some cardio.
What’s Collegiate Shag?: Take a Look HERE 

Collegiate Shag is a partnered swing dance that originated in the 1930s.
It has a history similar to other jazz and swing era dances, such as the Charleston, Lindy Hop, and Balboa.

There are virtually as many “shag” dances as there were locations to dance – back in the day most regions had their own shag variant.
What is widely referred to as Collegiate Shag today is a dance that probably originated with college kids during the jazz and swing era. It’s usually associated with a 6-count basic, quick and flashy footwork and a chugging rhythm. It may be danced in closed position, open position or side by side.
The true history is sketchy and much argued, but the fun is undeniable!

Does it have to be fast? No. Collegiate Shag suits a variety of tempos.
Is it all about bouncing up and down? No, social shag dancing can be done in a relaxed and comfortable way so you can dance all night!

Monthly Socials – Ours and Others

Due to there’d being so many fabulous dancing events to get to (we could not say that in 2020 could we!)  we thought it best to pull back from offering monthly GC and Mullumbimby socials flooding the market and overworking you all  perhaps! hehehe!   Now, we are going swap it about and do moth about ie:  3RD FRIDAY OF THE MONTH it will being either Mullum or GC ie:

3rd Friday in July – Mullumbimby
3rd Friday in August – Gold Coast
3rd Friday in September – Mullumbimby
3rd Friday in October – Gold Coast
3rd Friday in November – Mullumbimby
3rd Friday in December – Gold Coast (this may be replaced with A Very Swellagant Affair or Christmas dance – TBA)
**   We will create a FACEBOOK event for each and post to our socials snd send a newsletter advising of dates for you.

Other cool dances to get along to:

RECREATIONAL STRUCTURED PARTNER DANCE (RSPD) a.k.a. “SOCIAL DANCING” GUIDE• Below is a signpost to known “social dancing” events as hosted by local/nearby swing dance schools.• Always check individual event details for all the latest (most up to date) information on the operation of said events.

• Remember to stay safe, look after each other, and happy dancing!

[_] SWING ON IN (Social Dance)
3rd Friday of the Month alternating Mullumbimby & Gold Coast


[_] DANCE THE BLUES (Juke Joint)
1st Saturday of the month


[_] EMPIRE SWING (Swing Shack)
2nd Friday of the month


[_] CORNER POCKET SWING (Pocket Dance)
3rd Friday of the month


[_] GOTTA SWING (Swing Under The Sails)
3rd Saturday of the month


[_] SEASIDE SWING (RSPD)4th Saturday of the month (as per newsletter)

Catch Ya On The Flip Side kids! xx



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