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I reckon this rings true no matter what the genre! You have to feel it!

“If A Guy is gonna play good bop, he has to have sort of a bop soul.  It’s not good, even on paper, unless you have the feeling of it!” Count Basie on Bop – 1948!

Whats in this newsletter:

  1. Surfside Radio Popping up all summer long
  2. Social Dances with Swing On In are now the 1st (SWING) and 3rd Friday (ROCKABILLY)  of the Month.
  3. Monday Night Practice night and why it’s important!
  4. New Class – Revision – in additional to regular Classes
  5. Sydney Opera House and “CLUB SWIZZLE”
  6. Lindy Hop Breakfast – Want more?
  7. Regular Swing dance socials around town
  8. Demo Troupe
  9. Swellagant Affair – Date Released
  10. Social Media and Google Testimonials
  1.  Swing A Billy Ray is starting to pop up around our Gold Coast Beaches with his new Surfside Radio.  Remember the days (if you were a child of the 50’s & 60’s) when fun pop tunes of the era were piped out to the beach to add another level of awesome to your day at the beach experience!  Well Ray and I LOVE this tradition from the past and so (with the approval of the Surf Clubs – Starting with Kirra Surf Club) Ray is setting up and piping out tunes once more through summer.  FREE and Just Because.  Giving back to the community…   Come along sometime…  We will post to Facebook were we will be next.CLICK HERE TO SEE
  2. So due to popular demand Swing On In are now adding another regular social dance nighty to the calendar.  Apart from Swing, Jump and Jazz Music, Ray and I also love Rockabilly/Jump Blues, Nasty R&B etc Music and quite often can be seen scratching circles on the ole dance floor to the likes of JD McPherson..  We also know a lot of Rock n Roll and Rockabilly dancers here on the Goldie that don’t have regular dance gigs to go to and they LOVE Swing-A-Billy Ray’s music so yes we are adding a night for them on the 3rd Friday of the Month, it will be called “Rockin Revue” SOOO that means we have the 1ST FRIDAY a dedicated Swing Dance (as per normal) then the 3RD Friday as the Rockin Revue night!!  EVERYONE welcome and Cross Pollination encouraged!  (After all, you can dance your styles to any of the genre’s – Double the fun and double the community friendships!)  PRINT THESE OUT AND PUT YOUR FRIDGE


  3. Monday Night Practice Nights are really important & valuable practice time if you want to progress quicker with your dancing.  It’s a space with great floor, mirrors and support just to practice and play with new & old moves.  Highly recommended and only $5pp.  Every Monday night at Nerang Hall from 7.30pm to 9.30pm.  NO CLASS just woking amongst ourselves to nail those stylings and moves we haven’t quite got yet!
  4. REVISION:  So we have listened to your feedback and we are now offering (an added class) a REVISION class at 6.15pm to 6.45pm before regular classes so you can revise the moves from the previous weeks class.   Your Welcome!  🙂
  5. CLUB SWIZZLE:  Ray and I can be a wee bit crazy like crazy cats at times and last week we were at our craziest!  Pushing our old bodies to the limits of FUN!  After working all morning on the Magic Millions Fashion Parade extravaganza, Ray and I bolted to the airport to catch a flight to Sydney to nuance at the Opera House in the final number of the how CLUB SWIZZLE..  as you do!  Of Course the ever fabulous James (Swinging Jimmy) Harvey made us do it!  BUT.. who could pass such a grand adventure, AND we got to hang out with some pretty cool cats!  The All About swing Dance Crew were insanely good fun and catching up my my Vintage fashionista gals was an extra bonus.  Highlights for us though were partying to the wee hours at Palmer & Co Speakeasy with Dandy Wellington himself!    Here’s a small clip of us dancing and some pic of the night!  On only an hours sleep we headed on home to go to a wedding and hold a social dance!  My goodness, we were danced out by the end of that weekend!

 6. Our Lindy Hop Breakfast on the Broadwater a couple of weeks ago was small but fabulous..  A few of us got to meet, eat and dance to some sweet tunes on a lazy sunday morning.  Loved it and want to do this more.  You should come along next time.. It’s Free and a chance to catch up and meet other dancers in your community…     Next dates announced soon.


a)  Swing at the Oasis (GOLD COAST)  is on the 3rd Saturday of every month and run by Mark from Gotta Swing.
b)  Empire Swing (BRISBANE) run SWING SHACK Friday Fortnights – Check out their dates HERE
c)  Corner Pocket Swing (BRISBANE) run socials on alternate Fridays and you can check out their dates HERE

8. Demo Troupe:  We are looking for 2-3 Male Leads to make up our 2nd Demo Troupe to perform (from time to time) for different corporate or social events (some paid and some just for fun).. if you are interested and can commit then please come and have a chat to either Chrissy or Karis at classes..

 9. SAVE THE DATE:  A Very Swellagant Affair! – Saturday 12th of August!!

 10. Social Media And Google Testimonials – They do work:

How do we rate?  It would be fabulous and such a help if you like us that you tell the world.. These testimonials lift our google ranking and makes it easier for people to find us!  Here’s how to do it: (there are 2 options but No1 works best for rankings):  1.  In GOOGLE, type in Swing On In  or swing on in gold coast or bangalow or toowoomba and on the right hand side of the google search results you will see a map and directions etc in a box for swing on in.. underneath that map there is an option to WRITE A REVIEW.. thats it.. 2nd option it go go to our Swing On In Facebook Page and on the right hand page there is an option to give us 5 stars and write a review.  THANKS SO MUCH.. xx

Til next time,,

Swingin Regards

Chrissy & Ray and the Swing On In Dance Team

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