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Recently I was in Southport with my Sister Ronnie who teaches at the New York Film Academy there and I suggested we grabbed a coffee.  Ronnie is herself a barista, a self confessed coffee snob and definitely one NOT to have just any coffee…  I’ve watched my sister in the past stand and watch a barista make coffee before she will order from them… yep, she’s serious about coffee.  On this day she said, I only drink coffee from this one place so I followed her into Percy’s Corner, where to my delight and her surprise the Cafe Owner and Barista on the day was none other than one of our Swing On In Dancers, Brett Barfoot.  So.. it goes without saying.. you want great coffee?  get along to Percy’s Corner and get a glimpse of Brett practicing his swing dance rhythms whilst making your perfect cuppa!   I sat down with Brett recently and wanted to share with you a bit about this boy!   All contacts and details below…

Name, Rank & Serial Number to start..
Brett “I have no middle name” Barfoot. Café owner, Barista, keen golfer and Dad Joke Teller.

How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.
I’d always wanted to learn how to partner dance, I feel that being able to lead a woman in dance is quite sexy and masculine. A friend Kat, told me about you guys at the start of the year and I took myself along to a class and have loved it since! I’ve found myself wanting to get better and better so I’m dancing more and more! I’ve always been a keen sportman and now I’m also a keen dancer! Would never have thought that.. ?
Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?
I’m originally from Melbourne town, and have been living on the coast for almost 8 years. I left the corporate Advertising world in Melbourne for a change of pace and lifestyle change. I’ve always had a strong connection with the ocean and living by the beach has always been a dream, one that I didn’t think I’d be able to achieve if I’d followed my corporate career!
I’m now a coffee aficionado. I help make people’s day to day life just that little bit more enjoyable with coffee! I love working with people and making coffee allow me to meet different people from all walks of life every day. I part own and manage a café in Southport, called Percy’s Corner. We setup in the old Ambulance Station, one of the oldest buildings still standing on the coast. We’re known for our delish coffee and some of the best toasties and bagels on the coast!
Tell us something random about you!
I went on a 6 month working holiday to a ski resort in Colorado when I was studying business at uni. At the time I considered myself a bit of a movie buff and was up on which actor was in what movie etc… One night when I was working a short gentleman walked in and make some enquiries about ski rentals for the following day – the man before me was none other than Danny Devito! The first A1 celebrity I’d ever met, I was pumped! We chatted for a minute or so and then as our conversation ended and started walking away I yelled out, “See you later Mr Ackroyd!” So close but so far…
My mates have never let me live it down!
If you were a Swing Move, What wold it be?
The short stop
How would you describe your style of dancing?
I’m still learning, so I’d say my style at the moment is pretty straight laced, rigid and clumsy. I’m looking forward to getting some more confidence and skills to be able to really get into and throw myself and my partner around!
Whats your Fav Movie?
Good question. I can’t do just one Favourite, my top 5 and not in any order would be:
Shawshank Redemption, The Goonies, Fantastic Mr Fox, Inglorious Bastards and Wayne’s World.
What’s your fav swing tune?
I’m liking The Shim Sham Song, it’s where I’m at now! I gotta learn to Shim Sham!
What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?
I like to keep my style pretty simple, but smart. Growing up in Melbourne the only colours I saw in the street were black, green, grey and brown – so I have to remind myself to throw in some other colours!
I’m into mid-century furniture too. If I was to say an era it would be the 50’s; the music, the look, the classiness, it seemed like in the 50’s men were gentleman and ladies were women. I like that.
What’s your favoritiet quote on life?
Treat others as you’d like to be treated.
Who would you nominate to be profiled next?

LOCATION:  45 Nerang St, Southport



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