PROFILE OF A SWING ON IN DANCER Mrs. Laura Woolcott – Bangalow Class

PROFILE OF A SWING ON IN DANCER – Mrs. Laura Woolcott – Bangalow Class

The Jazz Singer  – profile of a swing dancer

Laura on the air for KRTU 91.7FM Jazz for San Antonio and the world via www.KRTU.org

Name, Rank & Serial Number to start..

Laura Woolcott
Rank? I am beginning the intermediate level…

How did you find us and get into Swing Dancing.

My guy Nick and I just moved back to Byron Bay. Nick grew up here and is a 4thgeneration local. We currently live in Suffolk Park. I am from Puerto Rico and spent a good portion of my upbringing in Texas, USA. We just got married in November. We were living in Canada, but decided to move back here in April. (If you are asking…. where did we meet?… the answer is Florida, of course. Nick’s cousin married one of my dear friends, and we met at their wedding 3.5 years ago).

Back in Texas, I was very involved with a local Jazz radio station. Nick and I used to go to swing concerts and various events there. We even had a swing band perform at our wedding!

When we got back to Australia, we were looking for a weekly date night activity we could do together. We tried circus classes and salsa dancing, but they just weren’t the right fit. We wanted a fun community and leaders who are excellent teachers with personality and passion.  Our sister-in-law mentioned saw the sign for the monthly swing night in Bangalow and told us about it. We went online and saw that there were classes, so we decided to give it a try. We instantly were ecstatic about this group. We love it!

Tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do/business/hobbies/etc?

I do a lot of things. We can narrow them down to small business and communications strategy, education and consulting. What does that mean? I used to teach university level humanities courses in Texas. Classes such as public speaking and creative problem solving. I also did bit of consulting for entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profits, etc.

I am in the process of getting my permeant residence via a partner visa. I just got my work permissions, so I am looking seeking what fun adventure to be a part of for work here in Australia. (Fun fact: I lived in Australia as a student 10 years ago and never thought I would be back living here let alone married to an Aussie.)

Volunteering is very important to me. I did a lot for my local communities in Puerto Rico and Texas so I am looking to get involved again here. One of my favourite organizations to volunteer with is the Field Innovation Team. They provide innovative solutions to empower people after disasters or crisis. I often deploy with their teams.

I love to sing, travel, study cultures, snow ski, surf, and scuba dive. I love painting, being crafty and just chatting with friends especially with some light (jazz) music playing in the background perhaps while cooking. (I secretly would love to be a jazz singer).

Oh, and I love getting to know all my new Aussie extended family. Nick has 52 first cousins alone! One of my proudest titles is Auntie Laura (Titi Laura). I treasure spending time with my nieces (Zoe 1, Abbi 3, and Chloe 13…who was my maid of honour)


Tell us something random about you!

For 7 years, I hosted two radio shows “Swing Shift” and “Bebop and Beyond” on KRTU Jazz 91.7FM Sunday Mornings from 9-11am. I mainly played music from the 20’s to the 50’s – big bands, small groups, star soloists and vocalists – all the top musicians for those eras. It was fun and educational to learn all about the musicians who inspired and influenced so much of the music scene today.

Oh and…I have a bright blue birthmark (don’t ask where).

If you were a Swing Move, what would it be?

Since I am connected to Texas, I could be the Texas Tommy. However, once you get to know me, you know that I like to be pretty original, so I would most likely just invent my own. It would include a turn and a shimmy (a “Timmy”) companied with a whole lot of sass! So I’d call it the Tropical Timmy.

How would you describe your style of dancing?

Sassy. Energetic. Engaging. I love having fun, smiling and making eye contact with my partner… eye contact is absolutely essential. When dancing with Nick, I usual attempt to steal a kiss while turning or doing a circle.

What’s your Fav Movie?

Where do I even start? So many to choose from…what genre? what time period?

For the sake of answering the question, I am just going to put one of the last movies I saw that I really enjoyed… “The Greatest Showman” with Hugh Jackman. (Do I get points for an Aussie actor being in it?)

What’s your fav swing tune?

For vocals, I love Billie Holiday, Louis Jordan and Cab Calloway (“Minnie the Moocher” is so fun).

But at our wedding, Nick and I had a first dance to “Night and Day” by good ol’ Frankie.

And I walked down the aisle to “Feeling Good” Nina Samone is the version I like, but we used Michael Bublé’s version for timing.

What is/are your fashion influences/eras/icons?

Colour, colour, colour. I love wearing tons of colour. I love blues and turquoise and have a lot of ocean/peacock inspired pieces in my closet. As far as an era, if I could, I would probably dress in 20’s flapper girl styles or 60’s style with really big hair.

Who would you nominate to be profiled next?

James from Bangalow. He is one cool cat!

What’s your favourite quote on life?

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. – Mark Twain

The new Mr and Mrs Woolcott with Johnny P and the Wise Guys.

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