Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain….. Harder than we thought!

Merry Knew Year Swing Kids,  Welcome to 2022 or is it still 2020 or 2021, I can’t  work it out,  its all still blurry!

In this newsletter:

  • Summer Dance Workshops in the Studio
  • Summer Vintage Styling Workshops
  • Australia Day Dance
  • Other Socials
  • Swingfit
  • Top 20 Dancers you should know about.
  • Our first Corporate Gig back in 1997.. a Retrospective giggle for you…

Before that:

Lets talk about that subject line quote: Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain by Shanna LaFluer..   It’s kinda relevant right now and has been for the past two years for Ray and I.. Covid is the Storm and the weekly/monthly decisions to wait out the storm or dance in the rain have been real.  To date, as you all know, for the most part we have been dancing in the rain and hope to continue to do so but we will just have to keep you all posted on that front.  At this stage, the plan is to return for an Australia Day Dance on 26th Jan then classes in February but everyday there is a new weather forecast and we will adjust our sails as required, put up the umbrella, dance in the rain or just put up the feet, who knows…  Staying Positive though that this too will pass and we shall all return to the floor!

Summer Workshops in the Studio

Sunday 16 January 2022 – Solo Charleston with Chrissy & Ray

Sunday 20 February 2022 – Blues Dance Workshop with Caitlin

Sunday 6 March 2022 – Put some Sass into your Stylings – Burlesque Workshops with Summer & Mara

Put some Sass into your Stylings!
Open to all, leads/follows, him/her, she/him
2 x Burlesque Workshops in the Swing On In Studio in Labrador Gold Coast.   (Address given out at time of booking).
WS1: 10am to 11.30 with Summer Dragonfly
Communal break to refresh, replenish and connect
WS2:12 NOON TO 1.30pm
$90 pp Limited places – Book Early – Email: [email protected]
Bring (optional) Bra , 2nd Shirt to slips off, gloves (heels optional), water, snack
Summer Dragonfly:
1940’s classic/vintage inspired with a modern twist.
Summer Dragonfly is the Elusive Beauty! Summer is no stranger to the stage with intensive dance training and qualifications as a movement teacher under her garter belt.
Summers workshop will begin with Warm Ups, The ART Walking/Strutting/Posing/Holding/Owning and then finish with a mini routine.
Using inspiration from Burlesque stars and screen Goddesses of the Golden Era, Summer will explore everything from classic strut and strip to hair flicks and eye winks.
Learn to embrace the audience and yourself, be it from the stage or in front of the bathroom mirror.
Mara Maraschino:
1960’s Burlesque Glamour
Mara Maraschino will guide you through authentic vintage burlesque bump and grind moves, coquettish striptease and techniques to harness that all important stage presence and connection to your audience! You will be getting glam to the tune of the 1963 hit ‘Zou Bisou Bisou’! Bring gloves, a bra (to be worn over another garment or pasties, as you like) and shoes you can move in. Suitable for burlesque beginners or those wanting to up their kitsch glamour factor!
About Mara: Brisbane burlesque artist Mara Maraschino is often described as luxurious, captivating, salacious and aims to be as kitsch and camp as her namesake.

Summer Vintage Styling Workshops

Saturday 5 February – Camp Hill Antique Centre – 1920’s/30’s Hair and Makeup

Powdered Starch and Beetroot Juice
“Fueled by the suffrage movement and the advent of the modern woman, the 1920’s marked a resurgence in the use of makeup by women. With a newly designed twist up tube of lipstick, it was considered chic to apply makeup in public…..”
Email to book in: [email protected]
Saturday 5 February 2022 – 12 Noon to 4pm – Camp Hill Antique Centre – Brisbane – 1920’s & 1930’s
The Details:
$120 pp cash on the day – Limited to 10 places, must book direct by emailing me: [email protected]
The 1920’s & 30’s were a time of radical change, rebellion and glamour, oh .. so much glamour. Although the 20’s decade was vastly different in society, culture, fashion and looks, I have joined them with the Sophisticated 30’s as I think the transitions and blends are beautifully suited for hair and makeup and fashion. The Vintage styles (Hair and Makeup) that we adopt today are more in line with the glamour of the 30’s and not so much the harshness of the authentic 20’s.
In this workshop we will visit and play with pin curls, finger waves, modern twists and easy to achieve looks for your hair then we dive into the smokey eye, the cupids bow and Fluttering Lashes..
Bring with you:
Brushes/Combs (I will have the following on sale if you don’t have)
Grips – (I will have the following on sale if you don’t have)
Grooming Cream – (I will have the following on sale if you don’t have)
Lashes – (I will have the following on sale if you don’t have)

Saturday 12 February 2022 – Camp Hill Antique Centre – 1940’s/50’s Hair and Makeup

Australia Day Dance

Welcome 2022 and Welcome to our first Social Dance for 2022. Join us in the good ole fashioned Aussie Spirit of community & dance. WEDNESDAY 26 JAN 2021 – 1pm to 5pm – $10
Come in your best Aussie Summer getup for the fun of it as well as being cool and comfy as you will be sure to be dancing up a storm all day.
Kids free & welcome
Bistro and Bar Open
Best Dressed Prizes..


Ray’s got new Swingfit clobber, new fancy red shoes and is back into the swing fit of things…  If you haven’t tried and looking for some fitness with some jazz moves fun and great tunes, get along.  Only $5pp.

Monday  7am

Wednesday 6pm

Friday 7am

FACEBOOK GROUP:  SWINGFIT if interested in keeping up to date with new classes as they come on board.
Venue:  The Northern Pavillion – Broadwater Parklands, Marine Parade, Southport (Right next door to the Rotary White Chapel)
Swing Fit is part of the Active and Healthy Program run by the City of the Gold Coast

20 Swing Era Lindy Hoppers Every Beginner Dancer Should Know (Or At Least See Dance)


The 20 (Okay, there are more than 20) dancers are:

1. Shorty George
2. “Big” Bea
3. Frankie Manning
4. Ann Johnson
5. Jewel McGowan
6. Dean Collins
7. Leon James
8. Norma Miller
9. “Snookie” Beasely
10. Willa Mae Ricker
11. George Greenidge (invented a lot of the Lindy Charleston moves)
12. Arthur Walsh
13. Jean Veloz
14. Lenny Smith
15. Al Minns
16. Pepsi Bethel
17. Irene Thomas
18. William Downes
19. Mickey Jones
20. Hal Takier
21. Betty Takier
22. Gil Brady

You Tube Video and Names reference in order from Robert White – Chief Content Writer and Owner of SWUNGOVER – a Fab reference website – check it out.

Our first Corporate Gig back in 1997.. a Retrospective giggle for you…

We were hired by Sak’s Nightclub, Marina Mirage Gold Coast Circa 1997/8 for New Years Eve to dance on top of the Bar Fridges behind the Bar.  Yep, about 2.5Mtr x 1.5 mtr Space on top of the Bar Fridges in amongst the wine bottles to boot!.  We had to dance for hours to live band Madison Kat and had to dance through the count down to NYE.  It was our very first corporate gig as Dancers with our newley formed Dance School called Katz Korner (Note the HANDMADE by Ray Banner as our backdrop!).  My eyes were looking down the whole time and many a time my foot was off the bar but never once did my man let me go, make me feel unsafe and we had so much fun with it all, laughing all the time.  It was ridiculous and Oh so great.  Could not get away with it today I’m sure but I’m glad e could back then.  What a buzz!

The thing was, they paid us in “all you can drink bar tab” and NO Food!    Ray, as you know is not a big drinker and back then neither was I, so suffice to say were were a little tipsy and tired by nights end AND to top it off.. have you ever tried to get a taxi (Pre UBER Days) at 2am NYD Morning…  Tired, he had a little lay down in the flower beds of Marina Mirage, they never looked so colourful!.

There you go.. A little window into the start of our careers!  You’re Welcome ha ha!

Happy New Year everyone, Catch Ya on the Flipside of Crazy and hope to be hugging and laughing and dancing with you all real soon,

Love Chrissy & Ray

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