Just A Quickie re Mullum Classes, Workshops and Hello!

In this Bulletin:

* Mullum Classes Starting this week
* Workshops coming up

6.30 NSW TIME (5.30pm QLD Time) to 8.30pm


Hey Kids We are allowed back!
We understand there are some challenges and there will be some settling into the new rules time, but Ray and I are willing to hit the road, come on down and offer the teachings and the joys of Lindy Hop with those that are able to attend classes.
Hoping that each week will see our numbers in the dance community grow again and by Christmas we should all be on the floor! We can only hope.
Looking forward to seeing you all there.
Tell your friends: $20pp at the door.
Just a side note from us:

We have had a lot of private messages, emails and calls etc (some kind and some not so kind) about the whole NSW double Vax rule and how that affects access to our dance classes. We just want to clear up a few things up, namely 3:

1. We are a small registered business bound by the laws/rules of the NSW Health Regulations and also QLd Health regulations and just like any other small business trying to stay afloat we do not want to risk or jeopardise what we do (Spreading the joy of dance to all) by breaking the rules and risking fines we could not afford to pay anyway!.

2. We are non judgemental and support everyones right to make their own decisions about whether they believe in or have the vax or not and, as we respect your right, we ask that you also respect our right to be pro Vax and respect those students who also have chosen to be vaccinated and return to class, it is also their right;

3. Lastly, We cannot under any circumstances hire a community venue or hall to run sideline classes for the unvaccinated – refer point 1.

WE, like YOU, wish this woud all go away and we can go back to enjoying the dance, the music, the community and not be constantly bombarded with this stuff which we can all agree, is tiresome, stressfull and downright a wet blanket to the Swing Dance Party we all want to go to.

Til then, be kind, be patient, respect evereyone, breathe and take time to make your own informed decisions about how to navigate the next few months and lets remember the joy of Lindy Hop.

As Frankie says.. A 1, A 2, you know what to do….


Sunday 7th November 2021 – 10am 
Join us for a special Shim Sham workshop where you will learn the basic choreography and a bit of the history behind the dance.
10am – 11am – Stepping through and teaching the Shim Sham.
11.30am to 12.30pm – Teaching the fabulous fun and furious routine that is Mama Stew
Practice time.
$40pp – cash only on the day
Book in by email: [email protected] or
SMS: 0409727888
Bring, water bottle, towel, snacks
Wear Comfy clothes, flat non grip shoes
Whats the Shim Sham:
So what is the Shim Sham?
Originating from a style of dance termed the ‘Goodus’ in the late 1920s, the Shim Sham Shimmy was first performed on stage in Harlem in the early 1930s as a closing routine that would get all of the singers, dancers and performers on stage together with the audience joining in. It wasn’t until some lindy hoppers at the Savoy Ballroom did the Shim Sham as a group line dance (without the taps) that the dance style really took to fame.
In the mid-1980s, the Shim Sham was introduced at New York’s Swing Dance Society dances by Frankie Manning, who went on to create a special version of the Shim Sham dance just for swing dancers. It is the tap dance routine that we know and love today, involving a shuffled rhythm of the ‘Time Step’.
For more on the history of the Shim Sham check out: https://authenticjazzdance.wordpress.com/…/the-short…/
Whats The Stew?: The Stew is a vintage warm-up choreography used by Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers to warm up before practicing their routines. This routine is often called the Mama’s Stew routine as Mama Lu & The Parkets very famously performed it together.
Solo Charleston x 2 Routines
Sunday 21 November 2021 – 10am
Join us for a day of Solo Charleston fun. Teaching 2 fabulous & fun Workshops back to back:
10am – 11.15 – The Charleston Stroll
11.30 – 1pm – New Choreographed Routine
$40pp in cash on the day
Email to book: [email protected] or Text
Mob: 0409727888
Wear comfy clothes, flat no stick shoes, bring water bottle, snacks and towel.
Fancy a little old-school glamour? Let The Lindy Charm School show you how to achieve these looks yourself.
SATURDAY 27th November – 12 Noon to 4pm
$120 pp – Limited to 10 places, must book direct by emailing me: [email protected]
In these workshops we will show you how to achieve that primped, preened and ready for a Mr Cecil B DeMille Close-up in no time!
If you have ever dreamed of having that classic, vintage look but never knew how? Do you long for a bit of 1940s glamour, 50’s cheesecake or retro style? Miss Chrissy and her Team can help you.
Covering: 1940’s & 50’s:
Vintage Old Hollywood Hair & Makeup;
Using tools and also learning without tools.
Pin Up/Retro and Kustom Kulture Looks also covered.
I will also be running you through the art of Do Rags, Scarves and Turbans for days when you just don’t have it in you to do a fancy do!
Yes we do Victory Rolls, Barrel Curls, Betty Bangs, Hollywood Rolls and Gibson Rolls too. We just start with Pin Curls!!
This class will start with the fundamentals and we will transition through to a finished look together.
Just before we head off into our new world of fabulousness I will run you through your best shapes for your body, for posing, for pictures or just for good posture.
This class is open to all ages and if you are wanting to achieve some of these looks? Then this is the class for you…
Class Time
Classes begin promptly so please arrive 10 mins prior to class commencement so as not to miss out on any of the fun!
Our workshops specialise in participation and everyone getting involved, so to ensure you achieve the most out of our classes we advise you to bring some necessary items.
Things to bring with you
Your own make up – Don’t stress if you do not possess much , we sell it all – just bring your Mascara..
Brush – Or buy ours when you arrive
Comb – Or buy ours when you arrive
Bobby pins – Or buy ours hen you arrive
NB: Hair is easier to work with if it is not FRESHLY washed…
Styling tools such as hot rollers, foam rollers, curling irons are optional as we instruct you on styles with and without the use of any tools.

SATURDAY 4TH December 2021
Ever wanted to make your own calendar up and send it to all your loved ones for Christmas? Maybe just framing that perfect picture to pin to your wall to remind yourself ever day how amazing you are is the best preset to yourself?
Well, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with a Christmas Vintage Makeover and Photoshoot with Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School and Amanda from Peppermint Photography.
Included on the day:
* All Hair and Makeup
* Styling to create your look
* Posing Techniques
* Refreshments and fun
* Your photo session with Amanda from Peppermint Photography who I have worked with many times and is so fabulous. We can tailor your experience to the look you want (if you have something specific in mind) or you can give your trust over to us and we can explore. We have a couple of sets ups that have worked in the past:
1. Vintage Christmas Theme
2. Pinup/old Hollywood Glamour
2. Vintage Boudoir
Process: 1.5 hours with me for Styling Consult, Hair and Makeup then over to Amanda for photos and that can take anywhere from 30 mins up.
The Cost is $600
Email to book in: [email protected]
Limited places.
Til then,
Chrissy & Ray xx

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