Fast Tracking to be a Great Lindy Hopper

Fast Tracking to be a Great Lindy Hopper

In this age of instant gratification, it can be hard to explain to people that to be a great dancer its going to take some patience and a lot of practice, but for those of you that aren’t convinced we’ve given you a few tips on fast-tracking your way into being a great Lindy Hopper.

Lindy Hop with the best of them

YouTube can only take you so far when you are learning to dance, and you might need to turn to a dance school for some professional tutelage. Why not come and live, breathe and experience the Lindy Hop in all it’s glory. Dancing in front of a mirror will only get you so far, why not let us help you perfect the Lindy Hop whilst soaking up the atmosphere with likeminded people with a passion for swing?

Practice, practice and more practice. As they say practice makes perfect and the Lindy Hop is no exception. Take your new skills from the classroom and really do your homework, this is one place you won’t be judged for being teacher’s pet.

Lessons are a great way to get involved and enjoy learning the Lindy hop but to fast track your success you might want to consider some private lessons. Your dance school instructor can give you some things to learn after you’ve left class, and you get the one on one attention that you need to take you to the next Lindy Hop level.

Join our social events and take some time to dance with some of the more experienced Lindy Hoppers, you might be surprised at what you’ll learn when you stop thinking and start dancing.

What makes a great dancer? Someone that’s having fun. Don’t forget to enjoy what you are doing, and the Lindy Hop will all fall into place for you, and if you mess up no one will care, we’re all there to have a great time.

Swing On In to our dance classes today

You’d be Lindy Hopping mad not to come to Swing On In for some professional tutelage. We have dance classes that are designed to get you moving and shaking like a pro. Call 0408 306 560 and join the fastest growing swing dance school in Queensland and Northern NSW.

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