Chrissy & Ray head to Melbourne to Teach a Swing Dance Workshop


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Howdy Melb, Ray and I have the pleasure and good fortune of visiting and doing some work in your fair city and have been asked to combine some dancing into the mix. With 22 years experience dancing and teaching Lindy Hop we are still so passionate about sharing the wonder of this dance. Our workshops are full of fun, sass, cheek and laughs but in all the Goofy frivolity, you will take away valuable learnings, a little history lesson and some fun moves that you can bust out on your next social dance floor!

Here’s whats on offer:

WS1 – Beginner Lindy Hop – Starting at the beginning, we will guide you through the Fundamentals of Lindy Hop with 8 beat rhythms including Swing Outs and Circles plus simple moves.

WS2 – Transition:  Building on the first class we will now add some flare, styling and focus on the Lead and Follow technique plus adding  2 more simple moves.

WS3 – Int/Adv – This class will keep building and we will increase the degree of difficulty and speed of the dance.  This workshop will give you a mini pattern to take home and will also incorporate Charleston rhythms & moves.  (Not suitable for Raw Beginners – Must be comfortable with 8 beat Lindy Hop rhythms)

WS4 – Advanced – Fast paced mini pattern including a small Aerial Lift and a Drop/Slide Move – (Not suitable for Beginners)

Costs:  WS1 & 2 combined $80 per couple or $45 pp

WS3 & WS4 Combined $100 per couple or $55pp

**NB:  If you are Int/Adv level already but would still like to do all workshops for experience:  Your Cost will be: $130 per couple or $70pp **


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