5 Ways You Can Get Better at Swing Dancing

If you’re wanting to get better at swing dancing there are two main ways you can go about it. The first, learn new moves and better techniques in dance classes. The second, go out with friends and practice your swing dance moves. A great social swing dance setting will allow you to see others performing the moves, which can provide a great benefit to your own technique. There are many different ways you can improve your swing dancing, here are our top five.

5 Ways You Can Get Better at Swing Dancing

1. Local Dance Classes

In a classroom at a dance school is the most common way that most people choose to go about learning and perfecting dance moves. It’s especially benefitial for anyone feeling nervous or shy, as it puts them in a group of fellow learners, and allows them to take comfort in learning steps among others of equal experience levels. Every swing dance instructor will have a different approach to teaching, so, it’s important to ask questions and speak up whenever you are unsure about a move. Bonding with fellow classmates is a fantastic way to improve your swing dancing as well, as you can give each other helpful feedback and even group together to go out in social settings and practice.

2. Practice, Practice and More Practice

The absolute best way to improve on basic moves or perfect your technique is to practice! All of the classes in the world aren’t going to improve your dance moves if you don’t follow them up with practicing. Learning the fundamentals in class and then rehearsing them multiple times on your own throughout the week, is the best way to ingrain the moves and make them habitual.

3. Social Dancing

Why this works, is that the fun and easy flow involved in social dancing allows you to relax and really feel the movements. You can apply all of your classes and practicing into a real situation where you have to keep time with new music, have to adjust to location and proximity to people and have to be spontaneous in your movements. After all, learning how to go out and dance is one of the big goals to all those dance lessons and practicing. Well, there’s no time like the present, get out and dance!

4. Take Feedback

Don’t take feedback as criticism. When your instructor or fellow classmate has offered feedback on your dancing moves, take it as it was meant, as a way to help you improve your technique. Swing dancing should be fun and energetic, adjust to feedback and apply it to your style. Your moves will be better for it.

5. Private Lessons

One-on-one lessons from your instructor are a great way to get individualised feedback on what it is you need to focus on or practice. If can give you a great step up on improving your swing dance moves. Swing On In’s dance school has swing classes throughout the week. We have three dance school locations around the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region for your convenience, and each evening includes five distinct classes.

The cost is just $15 per person for the entire evening, you may stay for as many classes and as much social dancing as you like. All classes at our dance school are open for all ages and do not require you to bring a partner. We look forward to seeing you there!

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